When Choosing a New Career…

When Exploring a new career…

Since I counsel a lot of college students & people changing careers, I wanted to touch upon this subject.
As a former University Recruiter the best advice I can offer you when choosing a new career is to tell you to visit the profession you are exploring by someone who has been in that career for 5 years or more.See there day to day activity.

Know that your education for the career you choose, doesnt reflect how much you will make.
It can be less or it can be more depending on the “demand” /need in that field. Check the Business stats of what the industry pays.
Also know when a University, trade school or other companies sell you their Education courses, their business is to sell you “a course of study”. They will predict best case scenarios, to get you to sign on. Any business telling you, you will make 6 figures, right away, is doing it to simply sell you. ROME was not built in a day.

They will not find you a job and cannot tell you how much you will make realistically. At best they will sell you on the BEST case scenario for their field. IN sales I made in the mid 30’s in the mid 1990’s. When I finished my Business degree they quoted I would make 70k+. Yet when I started out I was making closer to 38k with a college degree and 5 yrs of sales experience. After being in the industry for 6yrs & a degree, it doubled. Then after 10 yrs, it kept growing. But just to show you how long a profession can take. I also worked 50 hrs a week, traveled heavily, just to get to over 85k. I would of started at 30k with no experience & a degree. Lucky for me, I was already in the field.

Obviously every profession has different pay scales but know you are going to start out on the low end if you have no experience. My suggestion is work for someone else while you learn, get all the Education you need to do the profession and practice until you know what your doing. Its best to work for others prior to going off on your own, unless you can financially afford it. Even after 15 yrs of experience, going off on my own, it took a lot of time, money and work to get the revenue I made with Employers because they had the budget to market and sell on a bigger scale. I know can do that for myself but it does take daily effort.

Good luck on your career journey.


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