You are Responsible for your own Happiness!

Sometimes people forget they are indeed Responsible for their own happiness. Many people will deflect their problems or issues onto others so they dont have to look in the mirror.

Anytime you have a problem with anyone or any situation, keep asking your self 1 question: “HOw is it a problem? “, Then answer. Keep asking yourself the same question over and over again to solve your problem. In life their is a solution to every problem.

In psychology their is something called projection. When a person deflects their problem onto others. Usually when someone isnt ready to address something about themselves they blame someone else. Which in theory has nothing to do with you or their problem.

Heck we all have had people talk about us, I have. In which we’ve done nothing wrong yet somehow weve become the bad guy. Simple pyschology tells us the person “attempting” to judge you or blame you for something is the one with the problem. ITs called projection.

One time I was volunteering with many retired seniors to counsel other small business owners as a community service.  I was working with an older male at the main desk,  he then told the director I was late 2 times for me to be disciplined. His goal was to have me removed. He somehow saw me as privileged. Spirit had me work on another computer that day for me to see that the man was talking about me behind my back, for no real good reason.

What the lady in charge didnt know was I drove an hour there, in heavy traffic both days, there was an accident on the freeway and I had reworked my entire consulting schedule, just to be there. I sat there and watch this man make fun of the disabled people who came in on a 2 hr bus to meet with advisors,  with their ideas and big dreams. He called their ideas stupid, then 3 yrs later someone else had the same idea and implemented it. Apparently the ideas they had were good, just like what I told him. He was the one not fit to counsel anyone. Yet I was younger, so he felt threaten. He decided to compromise me instead of facing his fear of aging, or how he really felt about the disabled in his mind. Truly his issues had nothing to do with me. In the end I left because I didnt need to work aside someone who felt so bitter they couldnt work well with others without blaming them.

In reality, he didnt effect or change my life in any way. Perhaps running into me made himself reflect upon his life somehow or look in the mirror but I didnt cause his problems. This may happen to you in some form through out your life, just know you are not responsible for someone elses happiness as they are not responsible for yours.

We all have problems. And they all have solutions. Be happy today, you will find a solution to your problem tomorrow.

You are already Perfect, in the eyes of God.


Much love,

D. Nefertiti

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