Why I created my Website/Blog.

I went to this meditation class  10 yr+ago, I met some really advanced people more than myself, at the time. Ive naturally been intuitive all my life, I just didnt question why or how I could do this.

Well it seemed like some of the people that showed up, I knew from past lives, they said they’d remember me from Egypt etc. After that I kept meeting many people who I intuitively knew from other lives. So I then went for training in Hypnotherapy, Regression. I actually just did it for fun, then I would do sessions with whoever spirit led to me. I then found out I knew all these people from other lives. It was quite interesting. Every session was profound and mind blowing. It was like remembering you had relatives and friends all over the world without knowing it. Trully amazing.

One was my mother before, one was my father, my one was my guard, some were my lovers from other lives, one was my son, old best friends from other lives, and the most important was the other old soul. The day I met her I knew who she was. She was a part of the puzzle. It was all just super interesting. I just thought how beautiful to remember “who all the people” around you are.

I thought it would be fun to create a theme regarding “past Lives” because until your soul is awakened you dont realize many things and that youve lived before. I had some resistance from other people yet it was all “their issues” being thrown at me, that part I  really didnt expect.

Anyhow I hope you will enjoy the stories I share with you, life doesnt have to be so serious. You can be you, you can be happy, people may judge but remember its their problem and their opinions are just that- opinions, they dont matter. Most negative thoughts are just nonsense anyway. People are just projecting their childhood or past life issue onto you, not to take responsibility.

D. Nefertiti


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