Being Happy for others & yourself..

Finding Happiness Within…

We all face challenges, some small; others bigger.  And in times when it feels like you cant do something you have to detach to know that you can. Like they say, try and try again. I have failed many times in life..aka missed the goal of what I wanted to achieve.

We all have goals, and believing we will reach them is the first step towards success. 

I also believe it is crucially important to acknowledge other peoples efforts,  achievements and life’s moments. In these moments you can see all that the physical world offers and how it intertwines with the spiritual world, in human form.

Most of us do not reach our goal with the 1st attempt, yet it sure is amazing when this happens. As it can happen for most of us when we fine tune ourselves; as well as we fine tune what needs to be done, to achieve our life goals. And we all must remember this when someone achieves something in their life. Whether it be career, a personal life goal,  having a family, getting married, learning something new, doing a trade, making money, doing a craft or whatever goal is important to the person.

Through our personal missteps and through our achievements we grow and learn so much in life. And in those times one can see and feel the essence of spirit. Spirit is always proud of us.

It is very rewarding to be a part of someones success, even if its not yours. You can feel the essence of achievement, even more so if you were actively in their life. Those moments that bring out tears or move you.

Sometimes its good to know peoples back/life stories so you know; we all climbed a mountain to get where we are, as it wasn’t handed to us.


D. Nefertiti

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