Growth via challenges

Our entire journey of existence includes growth, we are constantly growing and evolving to be a better version of ourselves, so to speak. Spirit is always with us and helping us in this transition. I know Im a different person than who I was 13 yrs ago when I left  my 1st husband. I was always confident with spirit, but when that happened to me, it was mind blowing, life changing, as it happened so fast. 

Most recently I received a message and I connected it to the person in my life. Well it indirectly effected me. Anyhow spirit was great about keeping me calm, as well as helping me raise the money that I needed to come up with. It was interesting too, because I was working because it gave me purpose and it made me feel good. Then at the end of the month I realized my “fun money” had to go to paying for one of my responsibilities, which was fine, I much rather have it, than worry. 

Today as I reflect all those times where I worked for smaller companies that I needed to rebuild and I did it with spirit. Thats how amazing spirit is to me. The last 10 yrs, I worked for smaller companies.  I couldnt tell them how many lifetimes I lived or that my guides were helping me, I would just sound crazy to the average person who doesnt see the spirit world.

Yet they never failed me time after time, they found me the amazing business projects that just blew their mind away. From the 20 million dollar education deal to meeting the Samsung head who’s over  was over 800 million dollars in projects, there was no denying I was being helped. I remember one owner said he wished he had 3 of me. I traveled all over the southwest to meet our clients. I grew his business funnel 300% in just a few yrs and I had fun doing it too.

So as I reflect on my plans for the future, I know spirit is going to lead me to what the Universe needs.

So in those times of doubt ask spirit to guide you and keep taking action because it can really happen.

D. Nefertiti

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