Spirit Always Encourages Us..


Even through the difficult times.

Its easy for people to judge us, but its harder for them to actually have to live in our shoes. I know through out life, I was thrown curb balls. Things, I just could of never anticipated. Yet spirit helped me through those times. I know when I 1st became a mother everyone seemed happy for me and had advice for me, even those without children, yet none of them held my hand in the dawn hours when my child would not sleep, eat  or when he cried; only spirit did. Those who’ve been through this certainly know what I mean.

So try to keep things positive, by focusing on the positives of your life and tap your inner light. Just know there is always a solution to our situations.

Usually when I give readings for others; spirit is very encouraging, helpful and pushing us to be our best self. Or offering words of wisdom and peace to those in need. As well as knowing what to do in tough situations. I find it an honor when someone actually acknowledges spirit in motion and thanks me for saying what they couldn’t —to a good friend, family member or loved one.

Spirit is gentle, yet honest. Loving & hopeful. Things that may get clouded when we are emotional, stuck in feeling or facing our fears.


D. Nefertiti



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