Persuing our Passion despite others..

I think this is a valuable topic every 20,30,40 something should always keep in mind. As we age we are going to get the opinions of others and why they think we shouldnt do something. Yet they are too afraid to reach for a goal of their own.

I remember in my late 30’s I interviewed for several reader positions and was essentially turned away. My male counterparts would interview and would be hired almost immediately. I remember 1 particular time, a lady who was about ready to retire had interviewed me. She asked me if I planned to have children one day. Was I to say NO and dare not to dream…..of something I may want one day. Well I knew she didnt hire me because of it…. & shed figure I wouldnt be around.

Yet here I am many years later still reading for people. What a shame, I didnt get an opportunity because I was a female who may want what she already had..a child.  I find that funny and insulting because what she didnt ask was how long have I been working? My answer would of been since I was 14.  Or how many jobs have I done at once? My answer would of been 3 jobs. Or what were the most amount of hours Ive worked in a week? MY answer 65. Or what actual accomplishments I had completed. I think all of these questions tell a much bigger story, than wanting to have a child one day.

Every mother knows you must do more with your time than just raise your child, if you are at all creative, intellectual, educated, social or diverse. Which is just about everyone. Most mothers want to do something with their lives more than just raise their children. Yes raising children take time/effort but giving to yourself is also important for your child to see the full you. We are complex spiritual beings and most of us old souls wont be satisfied with just playing in 1 lane…..if you know what I mean.

As long as I can remember people have attempted to put me in a box, like “what race are you?”  ; Thank God for Amal Clooney,  as people have embraced my look, ideas and culture and started to see beyond their personal prejudices. Im not a lazy person, if I commit something, I will probably do it better than anyone around me because I know I can. And doing the same thing is boring to me, so I will perfect the system, then find something new to invent. Thus why I have many  ideas and many brands. 🙂

Anyhow do as your heart desire, as long as your not hurting someone else. If you get 30 no’s eventually you will get a yes. I remember finding those million dollar yeses when I worked in Engineering, it just proved my system worked. I’d tell the men; this is what you have to do (xyz), they didnt believe until I proved it.

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