Discussing OUR PAIN & Processing it.

DISCUSSING OUR….. PAIN & Processing it.

People have criticize me for talking about my pain with life, love, relationships & my past. Yet I feel it’s necessary to discuss; so I personally like to analyze to release it to move on. ITs all a process. I use to bottle things up but that didn’t work too well for me, I kept it in my body, now I just discuss, process & release. Im an empath so naturally I empathize and feel & know the pain of others. Sometimes they can identify it, sometimes that cant. They haven’t processed their emotions entirely in some form mentally, emotionally, or accepting whatever situation or person.
For example when I had my son, I was encountering many single women friends/family members who didn’t have children or who had them over 25 years ago in which they judged me harshly for giving up my 6 figure position & gave me much grief about having a son, taking time off, making different choices, choosing less stressful career options that offered me flexibility and choosing what was right for me.
Life isn’t always apple pie, lets be honest but we cant own other peoples pain, they must process what the issue really is for them. I realized, that I represented a mirror to them. A mirror of what they once had, should of had, wanted to have, or it triggered something about them. It wasn’t about me or what I should do, it was about them.
We can co collaborate with others in many ways, work, projects, goals, events, yet our personal life; is that—our choice. Such as Who we date, who me marry, who we spend time with, what we do in our spare time, & who we learn from.

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