Saying “NO” to others..

Many women have learned to please men or others, please their parents or to live a perfect life —that doesn’t really exist. Somewhat has been portrayed on commercials or what not. Some will use religion or idealist views and place them on everyone around them to hold this value of control , of themselves and to those around them.
I once went to a very good psychic some 15 years ago, she would tell me when you say NO to ohers, you are saying YEs to yourself. Like many I was taught to say yes to everything. Then life taught me, you just cant. This is a lesson for the empaths out there and all the over givers of the world.
Most recently I was at this Science of Mind Church and the topic was just this. Even when you say NO its a YES…meaning you are saying no to one person but Yes to something else. Sometimes I am saying NO to opportunities because I am saying YES to my son, yes to my husband, yes to my life.
Thus placing this in my mind gave me complete control and freedom in my life. Reminding me that I could say NO to those who impose their will upon me, some negative, some time based, some money based or otherwise. Respect and expectation is a 2 way street. We cant always do what others want, it may not work for our children or our life.
This goes for family, friends business, and whoever crosses your path. It has to work for you and them.
Sincerely, Donna B.A.

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