When life gives you Lemons… make Lemonade.

This week I had a very frustrating week of lazy handyman and no shows; not to mention other things.

After being ill all week I really only had a few hours of free time to myself. My mother had asked me to take her on an errand a week ago; so of course i thought I could pencil her in. So I gave my free time to my mother. She can’t drive because she hasn’t taken care of her bad knee, so every week I drive her around once a week to get her out of the house. Well she wanted to go get her hair done. I only had 2 1/2 hours. She knows I only have this short time frame while my son is in school; yet she seems to ignore what I tell her. Otherwise I have to prebook a sitter like most mothers do, for work or to take care of business. Well she didn’t make an appointment, so she had me take her to all 3 hair salons, they couldn’t seat her right away because they were booked. I asked her why she didn’t book an appointment when she knew I only had that time window. She said nothing. I then informed her that I didn’t want her to feel trapped and that’s why I bought her a car when I was very young. So this time I wrote down the name of a service that takes seniors around for $5. I wasn’t trying to be cruel.  Yet she sure looked upset. Sometimes she seems to forget the juggle of having a small child, booking sitters and managing projects is quite large. She would never do this to my sister so I had to let her know so she would quite repeating her pattern of behavior. Funny how most people lack such basic communication skills and they get upset when you tell them your side of things. Psychology is quite interesting.

While she walked in and out of salons I was on the phone talking to vendors trying to fix issues. Often she wonders why in the world I am on the phone, when we’re shopping or eating yet if I don’t take care of these items, no one else does it for me.
Its been a crazy week with my son being ill, then catching the cold.
I do have a blessed life yet that doesn’t mean everything is done for me.
Stay Happy,  optimistic and move forward one step at a time.

Love all you soul sisters and brothers who have been brought in my path. #ARI

Donna B.A.


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