Dream Messages & Hope..

I feel when we dream we are releasing emotions. Sometimes we need a safe space to release what happens during the day.  The dreams release fears, messages and other miscellaneous things that make no sense.Contact me if you want a private session sorting out your dreams with NLP, Dream journaling and hypnosis.

We are all having to cope in life with sometimes difficult situations. The aging of our parents, friends, loved ones, and even ourselves.  I look to my 30’s and think those were the days..when I could sleep 4 hours and still feel okay while having a very busy 20 hour day. Trust me you cant do that in your 40’s sleep and diet are so essential even more so than the 40 years before.

I use to travel via plane and car, everyweek for Engineering for their business Marketing purposes all throughout the USA, it was pretty fun, I didnt sleep much and was always on the go. Well, I recently went to New York twice in 8 weeks where I accidently got the flu. On the last day someone many seats away was sick on the plane and they got me sick, that lasted for a few weeks. I went to the doctor like 5 times telling them I didnt feel quite right and even did the doctor via phone the 4th time, ER at the end.

Well spirit came in pretty strong while I was on the phone: saying to go back, my flu had turned to pneumonia, even I was surprised. I knew I had an infection I just didnt know thats what pneumonia was like. To come to find out the pills for pneumonia is like $2. See life has humor, I even saw a Humor ice cream truck at the pharmacy;  all that and the cure was $2!! The information did not come while I was sleeping, actually I was wide awake the vibration of my guide was right next to me while I was on the phone with the doctor and was leaving the impression to go in; so I did.

Now as a parent I am juggling my beloved son, spouse, parent and life. Yet that makes the journey more beautiful even though challenging at times.

As Empaths pyschics we are intrepreting the impressions and feelings these visiting energies are giving us while awake most of us will not hear them but feel them. While sleeping I can see them and hear them they are there for our protection and the answers we need do come. Be patient.

Life is full of unknowns and we are here to learn not only about ourselves but others. Thank you to all those who have come to find me.

I love you Angels. Pandora, you are not forgotten.


Donna B.A.


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