As time passes-

I do not regret writing this blog. Its unfortunate that some have taken my good intentions out of context. When I was younger I had all the time in the world to help others. As we age, our time becomes more valuable and we have to be more selective in what we do, where we go and who we help. I still participate in spiritual events yet not as much as before.

Yet I do it more for the spiritual experience than anything else. I feel we are always guided by the otherside; the timing is unknown. I am always happy when the radio turn on by itself, the tv turns on by itself or the station turns to a station I didnt program. All we can hope for in life is for divine guidance, so we dont struggle on earth. Some times we take months or more off from the busy life. We are so accustom to doing the task list yet we all need to know ourselves better. I give thanks to our creator, for creation and for showing us the direction we need to go. What inspires you? DO that. What makes you happy, Do that. I dont mean quit yout job, move or whatever else. I mean make some goals, make a plan and move forward. We all have to work, make money and do tasks to survive and live in this world. Do this in a way, that respects your soul, your life & your immediate family. If your in an industry that you hate; try another. Certainly I have worked in many different industries, i enjoyed the change. I thank God for my existence, my 2nd chance in living a healthy life and all the wonderful people and animals placed in my life. I am different, you are different, the world is different after Covid. I know I am much more careful about what I eat since I do have food & product allergies.



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