From Heaven to You! (About Me)

“The Journey of Life”

My closest friends, my more advanced friends & those spiritually awake,  may know me as “Nefertiti” or other names. Ive had a few older souls have a hard time calling me by my earthly name so they call me Angel or whatever else comes to mind.

I actually started this blog  some years ago because my soul friends told me I was doing a disservice to the community by not participating. For some it made them angry and for others I know they were just delivering a message and helping me to use my spiritual gifts; anyhow thats how I got going and eventually it got me here!!

To the advanced spiritual community and the other realm, Im known as ancient or whatever you want to call it,  because I am one of the 2 oldest souls on the planet. The other chooses to remain anonymous. & I will respect that. Which I will go into further detail in this blog or book. I will be referencing occurrences of my many past lives & present in this blog. Let me be your living proof that we do indeed live forever!! So be very excited about that.

Kind of Crazy and Amazing…huh, 🙂

I am one of the few oldest angelics, a spiritual teacher with gifts and knowledge here to serve humanity at this time. I bring a high vibrational of peace to earth. I’m here on earth at this time, one of the “OLD SOULS” sent here to help you understand Love, PEACE, Empathy, Spirituality, religion, forgiveness, other life on all the planets, the big picture of the Universe, life’s lessons, understanding pain, reincarnation and Relationships etc. I will discuss everything from every day life challenges to enhancing your spiritual gifts, as we all have them, its whether we use them or not.
Id also would like to help everyone overcome their earthly fears, obstacles, en-part knowledge that I have access to, allow you to connect and know your guardian angels and to bring people Hope through your tough times. Together we can create a beautiful future.

If you are just beginning your spiritual journey, wanting to enhance your internal memories,  spiritual gifts or just learning more about yourself ; then this information will be good for you.

Once you develop your skills, you will find that you will be able to experience some to many of these spiritual experiences I discuss, if you dedicate the time to taking steps to opening up spiritually. Most of the people I work with usually have to just let go of fear & need to know that our creator doesn’t want to punish you, he is very loving.

I will share any heavenly knowledge that I know and the experiences I’ve had in my life so you can learn from them. We all go through tough times and the Angels are near to help. My vibration provides deep cellular personal healing, so I look forward to connecting with you.

I have many Inter-dimensional experiences which I am happy to share with you and so you too can experience them one day. There’s nothing better than God, the Saints and the Angels allowing you to experience HEAVEN on EARTH, even if it is for just a few minutes at a time.
Also, I am currently working on posting Audio exercises of Human Development. If you are interested in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistics and self help videos, you can check out my website below and do them yourself at home or after I teach you. So you can achieve anything you want in life. Make sure to check back as I upload content weekly.

Feel Free to contact me if any of my services seem of interested to you. You can submit general questions via wordpress.
In Creator’s Service and Light,
From ancient times,

Your Angel Mother,

Queen Nefertiti (R),

Helping the world-1 person at a time,

Contact me @

Linked in:  D. Nefertiti


twitter:Queen Nefertiti R @AQueenNefertiti

All work protected by the US COPYRIGHT DEPT.


Queen Angel
Business Public Administration B.A.
Liberal Arts
Business Development Certificate
Management, Human Development
Soul Renovation Training
Nuero Linguistics Programming Practitioner
Hypnosis Practitioner;
10 courses in Hypnotherapy & NLP, 2010-current

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training & Certification
Spiral Dynamics
Life Coach, Success Strategist;
Business Coach Practitioner
Training in: Tarot, Angel Readings, Healing,
Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Intuitive counsel.
Blessed by ‘God”.

Copyright, Queen Nefertiti (R)., all rights reserved, for the content of this entire website. Content should remain unchanged.
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One thought on “From Heaven to You! (About Me)

  1. Littlebeut333

    Hey Chick, I have nominated you for the Blog of The Year 2012 Award, thankyou for your magic words 🙂 Luv Dawny…

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