Angel Guidance:

I call on my Angels whenever I need. I am amazed how they can make things happen that we can only dream of in this dimension. Just yesterday I went to a business function, I called upon their help when I left the house. I picked a table to sit at, there was about 250 people there. Most I did not know. Anyhow, I was told to go, so I listened.

I sat at this table right in the middle of the room and I sat next to 1 President and another VP. Just the people I need to meet for some of the products that I offer. Anyhow, I great conversations with both. Its always unknown to me until we start talking if Im sitting there for their benefit or mind. Usually by title it may seem they are there for me, until they start talking. One of the men was going through a nasty divorce, so I had words of encouragement for him and other messages. The other was a good contact for me. See you just never know what GOD or the Angels are going to bring to you. ALWAYS __SO much fun!! I go with an open mind and open Heart knowing I was lead their for some reason. Often people will think meeting or talking with me might be an accident, yet usually it is not. Think of it as positive energy.

One time I was at a store, looking at spices. I was alone on the aisle for the first 5 minutes, in the next 10 minutes another 10-12 people showed up. It was really cool because the store was empty. I know their angels were guiding them to me as a few of them started talking to me for no reason. I was wearing work out clothes, wasnt made up at all. I was just there picking up some oregano & spices for my avocado dip. They say high vibrations are attractors, yet I know my Angels know where Im at and Im sure can communicate with any other Angels if they need a message, as they know I will deliver it.

Another time I was at a local trader Joe, at I was told to go the sample counter, I just did what I was told. When I arrived to the counter some lady was talking about her sick son and how he was making her sick. Of course I knew exactly what was happening. She was empathic & picking up how he was feeling. I took my hand and push my energy towards her. Its an easy way to make a lower vibrational person feel better, remember to ground yourself and surround yourself with light when you this; Light workers. Often friends who are having a bad day or feel sick, I can make them feel better, I just have to make sure its not turmoil like, then it will make me sick. Sometimes if a friends walks in my house and I can not clear them, I offer some hypnosis to settle their nervous energy. I always BLess my house after people leave as well (or the Angels do) it gets the air moving, moves any static or negative energy. For the most part I have no unexpected visitors.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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