Angel Numbers

Photo of a statue of an angel.

Photo of a statue of an angel.

I am an old soul and I am sharing my perspective on this.

My Angels use many modalities to communicate with me. Such as: symbols, pictures, music, words, sound, signs, people ,mostly its telepathic if your wondering Etc. They may give me numbers if I am asking. Yet there is no code or bible of what they mean as you know already. I feel the numbers can have different meanings each time. If you feel they communicate using numbers, great. Channel the information to know what is coming through and try to be clear, and grounded.

I feel there is no specific number code that Heaven uses. There is no number bible, no number is defined really. Say Im channeling and asking about something then I happen to see a number. Yes that could be the answer. Yet its directly related to that specific question. My sample of definitions that don’t exists is below.

I am not getting any confirmation from my Angels or the other side that any 3 or 4 consecutive numbers have any particular or defined meaning. Nor have I received any downloaded info with this so called dictionary of Angel numbers. So the only meaning they have is what you channel or what they have given them. If you like to believe in it, is up to you. Sometimes I will give you a real left brain answer because thats what I feel it is. Im not saying numbers can’t mean something, they can. I just feel the meanings of numbers can change all the time.

I also have checked with several other old souls, soul brothers & sisters, & none of them use or know of this system; of repetitive numbers. So the only meaning they have is the meaning YOU GIVE TO THEM or if you channel it.

Many people refer to these Angel numbers and information, just note what it really means. Perhaps you were led to this page for the very reason that it is time to expand your knowledge.

Its sort of like your mother finally telling you, Honey there is no Santa Claus. Yes you maybe disappointed at first. Yet perhaps she told you so you could expand your awareness to new heights, awareness, and go on to greater depths of learning about other interesting topics and people in the world like the Monks and why they choose the life style they do.

Here is my Angel number dictionary:

Angel Number 111-Love

Angel number 222-PEace

Angel Number 333-Prosperity

Angel Number 444-Hope

Angel Number 555-Desire

Angel Number 666-relationship difficulties

Angel Number 777-God, the divine

Angel Number 888-infinity

Angel Number 999-Family

Angel Number 000-new beginnings

Angel Number 0000-truth

Angel Number 1111- Discovery

Angel Number 2222-Find your path, now

Angel Number 3333- You are more than you think

Angel Number 4444- Meditate, GROW

Angel Number 5555- Find New Friends

Angel Number 6666- Educate Yourself

Angel Number 7777- God led you here

Angel Number 8888- You are made in the likeness of God and he wants you to be happy

Angel Number 9999- You will be rewarded soon.

Okay I just made this up, my point is, despite whatever is online; the only meaning these numbers have are the ones I gave it. Unless I’m sitting with you directly, how can I give you a definition or a reading on what a few numbers is going to mean for YOU? I cant, because to my knowledge it did not come from God and I didn’t pull the info for you, specifically. So make sure to use your internal discernment when it comes to any article of information you read. Sometimes you attract what you seek out.

Unless you are using your 3rd eye and reading this or that type of thing, and then they (your guardian Angel) show you the sequential numbers in your 3rd eye, then they have absolutely no meaning. Sorry to disappoint you.

Signs are all around you, ask a question then see what you see right after you do it. Then try to channel the answer. If you are waiting for triple and quad-ripple digit numbers for your answer, You might be waiting a long time for confirmation or a message. Usually you will see a symbol or whatever and you can connect with your angel or heaven to the meaning.

The message is to advance your spiritual gifts as that is what is going to get you ALL the answers that you seek; work on those. Open your 3rd eye, Chakras, and intuitive gifts.

Follow your intuition; not marketing. When ALL else fails..use logic and your mind to discern the intelligence of what is.


Angel Mother,
Queen Nefertiti ™

English: Balaam and the Angel, as in Numbers 2...

English: Balaam and the Angel, as in Numbers 22:21-25, illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Copyright, Queen Nefertiti ™ ; All Rights reserved. information should remained unchanged and included if shared. THX.


8 thoughts on “Angel Numbers

  1. Daniel Dockray

    had the repeating numbers in dreams…and quite literally on a daily basis triple numbers wont leave me alone not that i want em too mostly on car registrations…very profound…i meditate and am aware of the kundalini rising i have a profound message on its way 😉 god bless all of us

    • great,,, well resonate on what it means to you. As definitions for numbers are not the same. There is no bible on this. And if no meaning comes to mind,,write down your dreams so your angels can send you the message, if your 3rd eye isnt open.

  2. Radha Tal

    Last two years I have been seeing repetitive numbers of a different kind.I have checked all the resources on the internet but no one seems to be talking about this. The numbers that I see are in the pattern of repetition of two digits such as 1717, 2121, 3636, etc. In a clock I have seen all repetitions ranging from 0101 to 2424. In car number plates and elsewhere such as in billboards etc., I have seen 8484, 7272, I have reached a situation that whenever I see such a number I feel so frustrated of not being able to know the significance of such numbers being shown to me repetitively. Do you have any comments or any insights to share on this?

    • If nothing comes to mind in the moment; then it has no meaning.

      Usually if there is a meaning it will come to us. Like the other day I drove by a 10. I knew that when i saw that number that it represented a company my friend worked with would come through for him. Later I found a dime, another confirmation. Usually they come in 3’s if there is a big meaning you must pay attention to. Usually if there is a meaning to anything it will be in perfect timing with your thoughts of a question. Do not overthink it.
      XOXO D. Nefertiti

  3. nic

    This numeral system works differently for everyone this Guy is full of it. Another distraction for lightworkers tread carefully….

  4. I began getting number sequences as signs when a friend of mine passed away. I knew they were messages. He was speaking to me in number plates. I thought it was very strange at first and didn’t tell a soul. Still now, I have only told 1 person directly. I too am an old soul and a light worker. It is important that we do not belittle or cast aside others channels of indication, purely because they have been bastardised by someone on the make. This happens to most things in most places in our society, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some truth in it. Light workers that come to earth may not remember the codes they agreed to recognise as humanity wakes. It is sensible to be cautious of some products, but also essential to remain open to possibilities. ;3 Namaste

  5. J

    Numerology is quite in depth

  6. Erin

    Thanks for writing and making a strong stand for intuitive discernment!! I *love* your direct and straightforward approach!

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