Your Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian Angel. They are right next to you. They are very excited that you are reading this. If you are needing help on something, ask them out loud or write down what you want and be specific. Next take the earthly steps that you can to make it happen.

For example say I want to meet a contact from x,y, z company. I go to where I can meet them, see I make it happen. Now say I want a follow up meeting. I then ask my Angels to assist me with this. As you know, I may not be able to make this happen by myself. So I do that, next thing I know I have a meeting with them. Things like this… Then it is up to be to show up prepared. I then ask my angels to make them ope

Guardian Angel, sculpture by Josep Llimona. Mo...

Guardian Angel, sculpture by Josep Llimona. Modernist style, around 1894-1895. It’s erected over the walls of an old ruined Gothic church in Comillas (

n to receiving what I have to share..example: say it is my business model of Marketing. Since they have met with other competitors.

Your Angels are near you to protect you, guide you and help you. Take advantage of that. Now if it isnt in your best interest, expect the delivery to be stopped. Say you ask them for things that you know are clearly wrong, like to help you steal someone’s car, boyfriend, things etc. -they will not help you.

They only do what is in your best interest. Also they have the capability to detach from the situation, feelings and go into the future to see whats in your best interest.

Listen to your intuition it is your angels giving you impressions to discern what is right for you. Now if you tend to be emotional you will need to; ground yourself, meditate, and clear your energy from any negativity.



and they want to help you & have a happy life.

Moon Mother

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