Earthly Pets

bw version of the Eye of Horus

What I love about pets is they are are so loving. They just want love and are very loyal to their owners. They are willing to give it openly. As, I write this my cat lays on me. He hasn’t left my side for the last few hours. He is so attached its so cute. When I go to bed he is downstairs on his little carpet in the dark. When I wake up in the morning he is either laying in my bed tucked under the covers or tapping me on the face to wake up to feed him, its quite entertaining. If hes hungry or wakes up after sleeping, it doesnt matter what time it is in the morning 3, 4, 5 ,6 am, hell come and smack me in the face with his paw and expects me to walk him downstairs to feed or take him out. HE was an outdoor cat before I got him.His name is Moki.(ie the monks cat)

One day I sent out the intention for a new pet. That week alone I was offered 4 free pets. Boy what a decision to make, all were so lovable, yet the first 3 I knew were not to go home with me. So I kept asking let the perfect pet fall into my lap. That weekend I went to the local monastery that I like to go to. I arrived on the premises and saw this cute, thin, gray cat, named Mala, my Angel told me to take her home. So I asked about her. Well the monks decided that Moki my current cat was in more danger as he was wondering off the premises to the near by houses and there are coyotes near by. So they decided that I would take him instead. Which is really interesting because I hadnt seen Moki yet. Unfortunately a few months later Mala was eaten by a bobcat, so sad. See there was a reason they told me to take her home. I was listening. And you know how we “Egyptians” feel about out cats!!

Most recently I had channeled that my cat Moki had choosen me, as I type this, a guide taps on my wall as confirmation again. Which I didnt know at the time. He is a very psychic, very spiritual cat. If Im ever down he comes to me, he sits on my lap,its totally amazing really. I can tell he knows, he is so intuitive. Ive had several medium friends say how special he is and he was sent to protect me etc. etc. He is very protective.

He use to meditate with the monks and bring birds and mice as offerings to them, in the hour they did their offerings. Intuitively Moki must of known I was coming to monastery and/or God set it up. Ive never heard of this happening before. Yet I did offer to take Mala the thin young cat and ended up with Moki. Now I know it was no accident, we were always meant to meet. I use to have cats in Egypt when I was Nefertiti. I love cats, they are so special. In Egypt they were considered a part of the family.

Anyhow, So I was in the process of adopting him and a 3rd party attempted to snatch him from underneath me as a last stitch effort by stopping the process of me picking him up. An old owner from years ago who gave the cat to the monastery. It was very weird. My angels told me to fight for him and that everything would work out and he would be mine as intended, as at the time I was concerned because it didnt seem like I would get him. The other lady game out of nowhere and wanted to reclaim him although she was 8 hours away and didnt have anywhere to keep him. The monk had the authority to decide how to proceed. He didnt think it was right and allowed me to pick up the cat as planned that day.

I bought him a bunch of expensive toys, which he doesnt care for. Yet he will play with me when I take a stick and have him chase it as I hold it. We also go on walks together, around my neighborhood, collars are unacceptable. He lets me know when Im sleeping and awake what and what isnt acceptable. One night, I heard him complaining about going outside, I was in a deep trance that was the first time I heard his inner voice, it was so amazing. I didn’t hadn’t really connected with pets that way before. He definitely has a mind of his own. He thinks this is his house, he likes to be fed specific food and taken out when he wants. Weve learned to compromise, the 1st few months were a challenge. He would sneak out and wander the neighborhood. He eventually would come back. Now were good.


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