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Head State Monument, Honolulu, Hawaii,

Are you wondering what is will take to open up your spiritual self? I did about 14 months ago. I was given a message from a friend to visit Hawaii. Turns out I lived there for several past lives and apparently is a very spiritual place. I would suggest some hypnosis to figure out yours or go to some local spots near you to start.

So I took this leap of faith as I had no real reason to go to Hawaii. The timing was interesting because about a month prior my girl friend had asked me if I wanted to join her on an adventure to Hawaii, at first I told her no because I had just started a major PR campaign for a new company, then I thought about it…thinking this is why I went independent so I do more things like this. Every year we choose a new place to travel, somewhere in the world. Prior to that we had been to several other states, like New York and Louisiana. So Hawaii was definitely on the do list for me.

Anyhow after my spiritual friend encouraged me to go because it was a pivotal place for me in my past lives, specifically. I went ahead and booked my travel. I flew alone.

As I left early in the morning and to headed to my friends to drop me off, I realized I would never make my flight. So I headed to the airport and found a place to park. I had to choose paying $120 or miss my flight, I wasn’t going to chance it.Headed to the airport, got on the flight.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon, unfortunately I arrived earlier than my friend. The hotel room was in her name, so I had to wait several hours in the lobby until she arrived. Once I received access to the room, it was unfortunate that my friend had made dinner plans w/some other friends. My holiday spiritual trip didn’t quite start out like I thought. I made the most of it, by having dinner alone of the beach front and calling friends back home. What else could I do, you know. I had traveled alone for business thousands of times before.

Anyhow my girl friend invited a 2nd friend, in a way that was a great thing because her and I were a lot alike in that we like to site see. We hit the town together, the rest of the trip. I guess my friend wanted her space in Hawaii. At that moment I remembered what one of my medium’s friends told me when I was getting ready for my trip when I told her about it. She said something like..sometimes its good to be on your own. I was like, what…what does she mean. At that moment that comment came back to my mind.

Okay so for the first 2-5 days, I hung out with the friend’s friend.

Day 2 We woke up did breakfast took a private shuttle, went shopping at a popular baseball parking lot by the Memorial. We finally go to the memorial after spending 4 hours shopping in a swat meet. We then spend 30 minutes at the memorial. It was like a drive thru tour, fast walking, take a photo and move on.

She then told me she had to get back to go to a dinner. I wanted to respect her plans, so we rushed and headed back. Turns out her and my other girlfriend were going to dinner with some of the singles that were going to the Wedding. I sat there in silence when I realized I should of stayed at the Memorial.

I was sitting in the room alone that night, I zone out , tune in and connect to information coming through, its kind of like streaming a video with your unconscious. Its very cool once you can do it on demand. Of course I wasnt really trying, I think my Angels just didnt want me to feel bad about the coming days. And at that moment I overhead the conversation between my GF Jenny and the bride. The bride asks where is your friend my friend J- saids something like oh she wants time alone, I don’t know; shes hanging out. Then the bride has this look on her face and she tells my friend that she can bring me because she has cancellations. I saw her eyes get big, her mouth open a little, like she was a little surprised. It was cool to be so connected. It had happened a few times like that. My Angel totally was looking out for me. I was so happy. They got back and Jenny told me her friend invited me, I just smiled and thanked my angels.

Day 3-The wedding. MY new friend and I went for a walk on the beach and then to breakfast then we all got ready. We waited on the corner at the HILTON resort, for her other gf to pick us up. So me and my newest roommate jumped in the car. The driver said where is your friend. We said she said shed be right down. The driver was upset because we needed to drive 40 minutes to the wedding. She finally arrived. We all had to squeeze in the car, A little bit uncomfortable for us all.

So I hung around, then finally the wedding took place,. Apparently we weren’t late after all. Later we all headed to the reception which was next to our hotel, we had had dinner. I sat next to a nice fireman and his wife. It was funny because I was channeling a message for him to spend more time with his wife etc, About 6 months later he passed. See this is why I always deliver the messages I get, because sometimes the receiver REALLY needs to hear them.

Day 4: We headed to the shrimp trucks which were really far away. Apparently there are just like taco trucks. IT was a 2.5 hour trip on the bus. Next we went to the Dole plantation, not much going on there, the back yard was pretty. Its where the bananas are.

Day 5: Our last event together was our trip to DIAMOND HEAD. We took the city bus for fun. We had breakfast then we headed out. I made sure we had everything so we could catch the 1st bus out. Well she decided to do some shopping at a local convenient store, for snacks, so we missed the bus. Finally we caught the bus across the street, it took several hours to arrive. Anyhow, I was so excited to go to such a well known spot. So we walked for 90 minutes to 2 hours to get to the top, we finally arrived. my new friend spent 10 minutes there and then decided she wanted to leave. I was like-NO WAY< leave with out me. She got really mad, yet if you were on top of DIAMOND HEAD, you would see why I wouldn’t leave after hiking 2 hours. So that was when I starting seeing all my guides and spirits around me, it was simply amazing.My 3rd eye was working, I was so excited to finally be free and to finally have the spiritual experience I came for. From then on I could see them with my eyes open. The air moves, and I see their outlines, not how they actually look. To see them fully I have to meditate. I had finally had it with the drive thru site seeing. I appreciate wanting to get alot of sites in, but not at the expense of not enjoying them.

Day 6 I leave my new friend who was rooming with us and decide to go Snorkeling by myself. I was ready to venture off. We all have to this, sometimes. So I headed to the bus stop as there were no shuttles to the reef. There was only 1 space in the bus I needed to take, as the bus was full. I got on, as the bus left 20 others behind. LUCKY ME!! I headed to the famous snorkeling area. In line I met a few college students. One of them was with her best friend and her mother, who was visiting from WA. They invited me to hang out with them, we went snorkeling for 8 hours. The funniest thing is that the Doves kept surrounding me. The girls did everything to get rid of them, I think it had something to do with my energy as it had happened 2 days prior but paid no attention to it.

We finally decided to leave, jumped in their car and went to lunch across town after 8 hours in the direct sun. I was so dark, I was so burnt, the UV level was 10, I wore 85 sunblock. We took a long road trip back and they drop me off in Honolulu. Finally something went right. I had such a fabulous day, I only wished I had gone off on my own sooner.

Ill keep it positive and say seeing the other dimension and meeting new friends; was by far my favorite. Next time I would go with one of my sisters or some of my spiritual friends. Its interesting how the people involved on trips really change the dynamics. Since then Ive gone on many other trips, with close spiritual friends.

My advice, PLAN< PLAN< PLAN! Leave expectations at home if your going with friends or family not into spirituality and/or go with people have the same ideas for a vacation. A huge learning experience for me. 🙂

When I finally returned I was shown in my 3rd eye, where I lived in Hawaii, I saw the room, it was in the early 1800’s or so -felt like 3 lives ago. A very spiritual place for me indeed, I cant wait to go again. I saw a palm tree in my room, how my room was decorated an older Hawaiian style. I was looking around the room, then I woke up out of the trance.


D. Nefertiti,

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