Collective Soul

Yesterday I had a visitor from the other side, its bitter sweet really, the light outside turned on and off 4 times, it startled me at first until I channeled who it was. I just didnt expect it, the lights are disconnected/unplugged. So you see there is no way they could of turned on. Amazing that they can do that. I was getting a message that he is now part of the collective soul, he feels free now and can feel again. Amazing what a life can do to a soul. It was young in my eyes. You never realize how much you Love someone until you cant have them in your life anymore, no matter what. I have several friends from this life already, physically on the other side, my dad, my friend Dion, my girlfriend Sheryl who I use to work with 15 years ago and other people who I met briefly.

Love your soul sister,
From the stars!,

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