Jesus brings back my cat


Tonight I had people from my community over after our monthly home owner meeting. I live up in the hills, in a quiet older community, on the hill, with a view of the mountains and thousands of trees. When I was originally looking for places to live, this was the last place I placed an offer on, of 17 or so and the only one that went through. I must of looked at over 55 homes. My initial feeling walking through the door was “this is it”.

Anyhow, I volunteered to host the party since I have done it many times before and everyone was older and it maybe too much for them to clean, decorate and order food with their health aliments and schedules. Also my place was decorated for Christmas and I knew it would be fun to look at. During our meeting at 8:30pm my angel told me to order the food. We finished our meeting at the clubhouse about 9ish and the food was to be delivered at 9:15pm, and it came just 2 minutes before everyone came over. It took me all day to prepare yet it was worth it. I could tell most of my neighbors really appreciated the effort I went through to make it an experience for them. I had an ahh ha moment at the table when I realized many people do not go out of their way to do nice things for them, so it made me happy that I could serve them in this way; as they were so filled with joy, happiness, laughter and they really liked the decorations, food and company. My angels were present so there was so much joy and peace in my house.

Well, I have a thick wooden door that gets heavy with the rain, that sticks and it was left open because someone probably couldn’t push it close. Well, my black cat decided to slip out when one of my guests came in. Where I live is like living in a forest, so I was slightly worried initially, then I called the Angels to help me. As I really couldn’t leave my house full of guests. The party ended about 10:45pm, at this time, the cat had been out for 2.5 hours. So then my neighbor and I took the flashlight and we were scouting the entire area for at least an hour. There are thousands of trees, corners and hundreds of homes.
So about 12:00am or so I got the message to go back to my street, we were in the lower lot. Then a dove appeared, yet when we looked for it, it wasn’t even there. I knew it was an angel and a sign to go home, I told my neighbor I needed to get back, so as I returned I had the urge to check my enclosed patio before looking around the upper pad again and poof there he was at the door, in the gate, just sitting there looking at me, like he was forced to come home. Its easy to read my cat. Its so unlike this cat, to return, as hes a wild one. Then I got that Jesus followed him like a stalker and got him home. Isn’t that awesome! I was so happy. There are coyotes here so it was imperative that he be found. Truly a gift. I kissed my cat after I brought him in and of course thanked my brother Jesus.


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Usually I take a hike in nature several times a week. Its good for the soul. There is a trail near me that I love. There is only one problem at times. There are coyotes, often they yelp and eat the small dogs in the neighborhood. That is why I’m so protective of my cat. I know he finally gets it, he is very intuitive and very smart. Anyhow I often go there, usually I can sense the coyotes once my feet hit the trail, it’s almost like having acute sensory acuity. I can’t smell them, it’s like I feel there presence. It’s very surreal, I always send positive messages because usually it’s just a few minutes before they walk in front of me. It never fails. Sometimes when I’m not bogged down with thinking about everything I must do I can hear my angel warning me. You know you have to be in that state to get audible messages.
Today the same thing happened I was walking my cat and I sensed a coyote in the neighborhood. Even the cat looked up, it was weird it was like I was a wolf for a second as I picked it up super strong, this time. I feel it had to do with my cat. I looked around, where could it be, I felt it was near. Then I heard a poor dog yelping and others barking, it had caught something, a small dog. I told the cat: let’s go, he didn’t hesitate like he usually does. He ran quickly, then I picked him up.


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One day last year I was on this date. It was somewhere in Topanga Canyon in the middle of the forest, where you can eat over looking a trail, trees and the reserve or under the cabana side. Well it would have seemed as the cabana side would of been where anyone would want to be because of the holiday decorations, lights and coverings. There was a wedding going on that day, and that he didn’t know about. My date apologized to me. I knew there was a reason we were going to be seated on the other side. I told him the other seating was just fine. Anyhow as dinner was about to be served I said wouldn’t it be cool if we saw a deer. I must of sensed it as I had never been there before. My date just looked me. I then asked the waitress if they ever saw any animals that came by, she said no. About 5 minutes later a deer and a doe walked right in front, across the stream of water, on the other side, it was totally amazing. I asked the waitress when was the last time she saw the deer she said, “I’ve been here for 8 years, and this is the first time.” Wow what a treat!


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