Inner Peace

Forgive Yourself…

Forgive your self for not being perfect, for not being like every one else, for putting yourself first. Often in life you will have to tell people NO, you will have to tell them your life is none of their business and you will have to put yourself first. Because no one will meet your needs better than yourself. No one can truly live your life but you.
Sure everyone has an opinion to share but your life is none of their business, unless you give them permission. Most of the time peoples perceptions are a true refection of themselves and their issues, not yours. Because if you don’t have a problem with yourself or your life then why does “their” unsolicited opinion matter??? It doesnt. Keep going, dont give up, you are entitled to live your life your way and make your own choices despite any critics who are too bored with their life to work on themselves.
Many people are striving for a concept of unknown perfection. First of all it doesn’t existence and you don’t need to be perfect. Just do your best everyday and know it is good enough. Do what makes you healthy and happy with out having to compromise others.
Personally I believe thanking people who help me, the Universe, other life forms and God; allows me to appreciate their help, their existence and their loving gifts.
D. Nefertiti
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Loving the things you Hate..

Have you ever asked your higher self why you really hate something?

Chances are the root cause is not from the current issue but from something in your past. Such as childhood trauma or a past life. I learned this in a Psychology class I taught for a local church some years back.

So thank the person who “triggered it for you” yet its truly not ‘their’ fault. They’ve uncovered your pain, weakness or shadow side. You can fix the thoughts of your mind. Most of the negative thoughts you’ve probably made up yourself, assumed or let someone else tell you because you asked for their opinion. Which could of been wrong and a bit negative where it didn’t help you.
So now that you are aware of this pain, what are you going to do about it? Chances are you don’t know how to address it. Thats why hypnosis and NLP are powerful mind methods to overcome your internal hidden fears. I know Ive used many of these techniques on myself in the last 12 years. Lets just say you dont overcome death, divorce and other life issues on your own; most of the time.

So give it a try. Feel free to contact me if you’d  like to schedule a private session. Trust me it will be worth your investment. Ive taken over 10 training courses throughout the USA, and I learned a lot on the way. I first started because figuring out intelligence and emotional intelligence was just intriguing to me. Yet Im a thinker, so I like those type of things.

Let go of your internal dialogue of fear, hate or whatever else that makes you less than the divine creation God made you to be.
I personally created the Queen Nefertiti brand as a tribute to all our past lives, journeys and all the obstacles we as people, have overcome through time; yet in reality we are much older than just a few thousand years old. Yet I knew most people have lived in Egypt at some point in their existence that they could relate on a higher conscious field. The times of Egypt were not fun, in fact they were very harsh, no matter who you were. Lets just say, its good to be in much better times.

Let go of your past, live in the present.

We create the future, the future doesn’t create us.


D. Nefertiti

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What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment?
Enlightenment is not about status or being better than anyone else. Its about self realization, self fulfillment and a personal spiritual journey. Seeing how God created the world and being able to access the resources already here with in the universe.
It took me most of this life to come to such a realization of the illusion and what actually is. Really getting a grip on it the last few years. Accessing different parts of your mind and the Universe is the Secret of life.
If you live in the Illusion you will always be afraid. Afraid of others, jealous, insecure, critical and see the negative motives of others, all the things that are not LOVE.
Once you hit the higher vibrations not only can you connect with the divine anytime you want, you can put your request into the universe for what you need and it come fairly quickly. Say I need a pair of brown shoes, I put the thought into the universe, into the other dimension so to speak and next thing I know I am led to a store that has that exact pair of shoes or someone accidentally brings them to me. Obviously how the universe does this, is a bit of a mystery but my request was heard.
Just recently I was reminded of 5 old clients I was to connect with, that tells me they are now ready for me or at least ready to hear what I have to say. Over and over again, the names of the owners, of these companies, came to me in various forms. One in particular I had a message for which I diligently delivered. Some messages, cannot wait to be delivered and sometimes that is my duty, especially when someone is going to get screwed BIG in business.
It took me forever to listen to the universe, now I just don’t resist. I just say, if you want me to do X, then bring it to me. And they do, when it is time.
I learned not to attempt to convince (some) young souls to see the bigger picture, when they cant see past the illusion, as they still live in a world of EGO and that takes a lot of effort. If doors close, let them shut, something better is bound to come along. It always does for me because the UNIVERSE will not fail you, if you are truly serving. Be the driver, face your fears, its okay.

We all have emotions and if you have experienced pain on this plain, that is completely normal. And if anyone tells you any different, they are probably not being honest with themselves or have not lived enough to venture to experience all of earths possibilities. Everyone experiences pain, we just have to learn to move past the pains: of this life, of past lives or of situations that occurs to you, in the present time.

Angel  D. Nefertiti

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What friendships are worth keeping?

I have learned so much in the last few years from the people around me. First we always have a choice. Even when it feels like we do not. It is to be free and to choose what feels right and comfortable for us.
When you really get to know the people around you, you may find they are not who you thought they were. Some may even be close friends or family members. And over time they will show you who they really are; sometimes you have to cut bait and run while you can. So you do not feel the consequences of their choices and behavior. We can love and accept someone as they are, yet know they are not right for our path or our lives until they grow or work on themselves.
I say this because in the past I would keep the wrong friends around for too long and allow them to practice on me. Meaning they learned their intended life lesson with me. Yet it was quite uncomfortable because their actions were really unacceptable. Them saying mean things or doing the unthinkable in front of me, to please and satisfy their ego or self.
Being the loving individual I am I like to think the best of people. So now I realize, I can let them practice with someone else who will put up with a substandard friendship that isn’t mutual to my effort and may result in pain in some respect.
I respect the person who is direct, honest and reciprocates on some level. It does not need to be financial or gifts, it could just be listening when Im having a hard day or having a cup of coffee or hanging out. Friendships are never about money. It is about a special connection with another soul that is priceless.
Our angels are always trying to guide us, help us and tell us ; hey I know you feel but you do not belong, it isn’t a good environment. Listen, listen. I found this out recently with several friendships, I had channeled it exactly right. I just didnt want to believe they were capable of those things. In my life, God has graciously spared me and removed immature people from my life time over time in the last 5 years. At first, I didnt like it. I thought is sucked in fact. Now I completely understand why it is necessary. We only have a certain amount of time and we should invest it wisely.
Anything that takes us away from our personal peace, is not acceptable. Do they demonstrate love and do they bring out the best in you. That is what a friendship is for. Stand up for what you believe in and do not be afraid to confront those who act like children. They need to hear the truth from the people around them , it is guidance and they clearly need it more than ever.
I empathize knowing something occurred in their life that makes them feel they must behave in a destructive way to compromise others. Unfortunately they will have to learn with someone does the same thing to them. This is how God or the universe teaches us empathy..

Your Angel Mother,
D. Nefertiti

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This past week I had some interesting situations pop up with some old friends; were we completely misunderstood each other, it was unfortunate really.

We all are at different levels of understanding & awareness. And sometimes we have to remind ourselves that when it comes to spirituality others may be far behind or just beginning the process. With that in mind you certainly can not fault them as they have not taken the time to fully educate themselves of the higher awareness of Heaven. In fact I’ve had to learn patience in various parts of my life as most may not be on the same mental/thought page, in which I may have planned out the next 6 months and they are living for today, type thing. Such a profound lesson.
I also realized that if you pick up information psychically one just has to allow the other peoples fears to pass and not react on them yourself. Meaning just because they think something; doesn’t mean they intend to act upon that. We all have fear thoughts at times, the lesson in life is to delete them so you do not have them nor react.
As I get older I realize how important “NOT REACTING”  to any given situation is. Just remain calm and know despite the issue; all is well and its not that big of a deal anyway. Once one reacts; one can not change the past. So if a situation arises, let it pass before you react in a way you can not take back.

This week I also did another past life regression which was so profound on many levels, I can not wait to include all the details in the release of my book. We were able to visit the persons past lives, life path and review what happened in heaven in between lives. And we even visited creation. It was a lot of fun. I am sure everyone is going to find the details of our existence very interesting. So I recommend that everyone do a regression once in their life,  if they should ever find themselves confused, lost, needing direction or questioning life. They are so darn interesting to say the least, you will be surprise what comes out of your mouth.

Happy Easter!


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Finding Inner Peace

Usually I find it alone or while meditating, connecting with God, writing or doing my passion: which is teaching human development and curing people of their pain. Once we have that inner peace it seems happiness is due to follow. Usually most people find happiness with people who are close to them or they have known in other lives who do not seem to cause them pain intentionally. As we all have those friends who tend to show up for an hour or 2 yet there is no depth to the relationship.

I recently did a past life session with a person I felt I knew the day I met her. It was great because it gave her ALL of the answers the client was seeking straight from her mouth, her memories: I just guided the process. Everything from death, her previous lives, her loves from other lives and how they were connected in this life, to in between lives and being in HEAVEN.

I remember I gave her a reading when we first met and the feelings I had for her were so strong; I cried as it was of importance to me. I was told she was connected to me, she most certainly is. ANd It is very exciting that she is in my life again. Thank God for these soul connections.

Sometimes answers come in the least ways that we expect, they are there when you are ready to access them. You must do the research to find yourself, no one else can do it for you and it is no one elses responsibility bur yours. On another note, if you do not like someone, just move on, save your energy and find YOURSELF. God gives you that choice to be at peace with each other.

My passion is helping others…whats yours?

Love and Peace


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The Future

Often people come to me, asking me for guidance for their future. My job is only to give them counsel, I am given the future,  mostly it comes to what you are already planning, agreed to before this life or know intuitively. So it is like you are telling me unconsciously as well as your guide to help navigate you. My job is really just to help better navigate the waters ahead.

Now what one does, how they behave, or how one reacts to life, in any given situation is up to them and you too!  So one can be fearful and angry or just be peaceful and ask their Angels to give them easy solutions that are available in the universe. I have had many situations where I had no idea what the solution was when I was 1st posed with the problem. Most times it was when I was working on new projects. You do not have to know everything just focus,  move forward and your guides will help you with the details.

If you feel settled in anyway,let go, go be alone, go sit in quiet to go connect with the holy spirit; as the world, media or your friends/Family maybe confusing because you are not grounded. FEAR is not in GOD’s  vocabulary. If you are feeling sad or whatever, we are human what can I say. I spend lots of time alone and I feel great. As I love feeling, seeing and experiencing God in their NONHUMAN miraculous ways. I spend a lot of time with people too, yet when I leave them, I clear their problems from my soul by releasing them. God is so amazing I am here after thousands of years . And still I am sent to return to earth, think about that. God is bigger than your mind, the government and your fears. Let go of the way you think, things should be and just accept the way they are, learn from it, and go find another way. THERE are many different doors to the road you may seek. We are free.

When people tell me these conspiracy theories of the world ending, I laugh. People are letting their own “human” minds talk nonsense. As true angelics are encoded to know that this is not true.  If you think of the times of Cleopatra, they were not warned, they were just wiped out with no notice; just like any disaster -we are never warned. And if you think about it, going home is not a bad option, we live forever people–forever! So I doubt GOD is going to end life on earth because of a few bad apples. God’s current intervention is his Angels coming in human form to help humanity, that is why I and many others are here. God has much GRACE for his suffering children.

Hope, peace, truth and love that is our goal are you on board? Share what you know and let go. The Universe supports God’s agenda 100%, remember that, people will come around, I see it all around me. Surrender your will, if you help someone because your angel told you so; just do it, then release the situation from yourself. I’m always working, giving, or delivering messages because once someones angel guide sees me –forget about it. They see your inner light and they are pulling me to tell the person something. I just do it, that’s why I’m here. So close that crown chakra when you go out if you feel you can not be on call 24/7; its okay,  we are all at different places of learning, growing or teaching. There is a season for everyone. Know where you are.

Now I’m 10 years older, much wiser, more  spiritually awake, where I can handle  anything and I know the universe supports me in my efforts.  So know your limits. Its okay to take time to yourself.

Have a great week, just do the best you can and ask for angelic help.

Love you!

Your Angel mother from ancient times,


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