Today I went to church, not expecting anything special. As we drove up, I immediately got the message that heaven knew I would be running late and sent the message to the church that I’d be visiting. And the church received the message and would start 15-20 minutes later than expected. I thought, okay did I really get that message.
As received, I walked into the church, (that I rarely visit) about 18 or so minutes late, right at that moment they started the service, It was simply amazing. The pastor gave a fabulous message, I know he had channeled Jesus because thats what I was receiving right then, myself. also the message was definitely for me and many others, I’m sure.

The pastor asked God to fill everyone’s hearts with Joy during the prayer time. I knew I could help so I called in the Angels and asked brother Jesus to show up and they did. I was also sending light to fill the room and to the hearts of everyone. One of my gifts is to share JOY. I was a little caught off guard to see Jesus just a second later. We had our eyes closed, I could feel them all around me, the room was super cold which tells me they are around as well. I then looked up and I could see Jesus’s right in front, at the stage. I was sad that no one else could see him. I know others could feel him for sure. My friend felt really moved, I wiped the tears from my face and said the Angels and Jesus are here. I was so happy to experience heaven on Earth once again.

Monday- I woke up and I just knew what to do, kind of like you get downloaded at night. Anyhow previously I was given a certain task. I was more okay with the instructions than the 1st time they told me, to carry them out, yet sometimes that’s how it is. The first time God or Jesus tells you something you may not particularly had that in mind to do, so you may be resistant to it. Yet after you here it a few times, you just do it, knowing I know my job is to serve you, God. Sometimes are little egos get in the way and we don’t cooperate with instructions too well. If you want to advance spiritually, then they will probably test you with lots of spiritual homework, Lol, glad I just finished and passed the test. Omg! Whew

The new vibration makes things a whole lot easier knowing we are creating peace on earth thats our job, all of us and because as humans we often worry about a consequence that will most likely never happen. Also Our DNAs are different now, that its just easy to just BE , live in bliss and participate in Gods eternal plan.

Moon mother,

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Soul brother

Wow, today I was shopping for groceries and I went to another store to pick up a gift for a friend. Then I saw an Angel in my 3rd eye, I walked around a little more-thinking, get the person an Angel…? Then I walked a few minutes more and then I was shown where to go. So I instantly left the store, hoped in my car and went to where I was told to go.

Anyhow it was a shop I had been to before, so I wasn’t sure the reason for my visit. I looked around there was nothing I needed, I got “keep looking” and then I thought: I think I need to talk to the man behind the counter, so I did. He told me that he made a pendant of an Angel out of crystals. Which I do like, yet that was not why I was there.
Anyhow I know he is a soul brother, he isn’t quite awake yet. Then I was admiring some of his small collectables. Also he was telling me about all the angels he bought to sell in his shop and his glass pieces people insists on buying. He even made an Angel pendulum because I requested it. Which is nice. Then I saw something else that was awesome, ” it was a collectors item”. A bible from long ago, that he just acquired. An hour or so before I arrived. Accident? I think not. I got to touch and looked at it. Its amazing how the content was worded differently, the format was slightly different and the paper was that darker tan brown color. It was just great to see.

Recalling what I heard on the radio a few weeks to a month back, the announcer mentioned a man acquiring a special edition of the bible. I heard this ad several times, over several weeks; then I was thinking wow, I’d love to see that. Who knew, I that would. God can make anything happen, BELIEVE!


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Rewards from the Other side..

What are they? I use to wonder what rewards from the other side looked like, especially in my teens and 20’s. As I got older I figured out that They come in many ways. Usually it’s not announced or for the public to know. It could be anything from a wish being granted to reuniting with a lost friend. I have been recently amazed how my good deeds have come back to me. Of course I didn’t do them thinking I would get anything and some of them were very costly to me personally. Some are things I could only dream of.

One time I worked at a Christian college and I stood up for a coworker who was blaintenly being wronged. In the end it made the work situation a bit tough because the boss who had intimated and pushed out over 10 women was not held accountable. I was so sad about it, I was definitely dissolution with what the college and people claimed they stood for. Over time though I realized it was just a few bad apples and it really was their lesson to learn, even if I had to pay for it indirectly. These are tough decisions and tough roads, no doubt. Just remember with every path there is a new road available to you.

There are 2 type of rewards spiritual and earthly.

I guess once you are all set up- in life, with all the physical things , they have less and less value. Meaning theres only so many homes you can live in, cars you can drive or things you can buy in the moment. In reality we dont need much.
So free gifts like Disneyland tickets, someone buys you lunch, a gift, a note, a nice call f rom a stranger, you find a treasure etc are all a lovely reminder that the Angels are close and God wants to make us happy.
As for spiritual gifts- well skies the limit because I have had the pleasure of meeting some really gifted people. I can’t wait to fine tune my spiritual gifts , have them enhanced or improved. Some people have the nice capability of movie visions with sounds, reviewing past lives, hearing their guides, seeing the other side, etc.

As for my myself I’ve always had discernment so it’s nice that the other gifts have been improving. Previously I had a horrible sense of smell, now I get different scents for when spirits are around and I can not see them or as a warning. How cool is that?
Also I’ve also had the pleasure of hearing starships if they are above my home, I could never do that until recently. A few times I’ve tuned into the Angels, it sounded like they were singing and I was trying to crack the code, it was very beautiful – I did an angel mediatation from my angel book.
Now I can see brilliant colors in the dark, that do not exist in the 3rd or 4th dimension, since I’m in the 5th dimension. Also astral travel at night, thats a fun one, doesnt every one want to see the moon and stars. I know ive been doing this since a child yet recently they allow me to remember more- that was the gift. Its a great way to take a break from earth and go play. Lol! I’ve already been told in so many words with a powerful future dream that : in the future they may let me go visit another planet! Now that’s what I’m talking about!!
And many other things, i have previously shared, it’s slow progress at times, yet very worth it.

When I left my ex husband, and let him have everything except the clothes off my back, my papers, the car and my dignity. I realized I had everything I needed in life. Such as Love from God, the angels, My family, and a few friends. As well as having somewhere to live, food , my brains and some money. Trust me if you can quit wasting time buying the stuff you really don’t need or have already, you will start focusing on the important stuff in life like spending quality time with those you love, working on your spirituality or your personal goals.


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