Signs from the Angels/The other side

As Spirit Guides

At times, Spirit will lead me to “additional information” for others & at first I may not know why I came across the information, yet the person does pop into my mind, until I later put it together. Then I pass it along, and later it makes more sense when the receiver explains why they needed that extra info.
I was at the gym, I felt moved to speak w/this lady. On this particular DAY it was mostly men in the gym, so it was uncanny that I saw her the week before and then noticed her again. Then she sat next to me while doing the bike. Apparently I have the same name as her mother & it was her mother trying to connect with her who she said she missed. Life is about timing. She was preparing for a minor surgery & wanted the (extra) support, she just hadn’t consciously acknowledged it. Yet did say she was missing her mother once she opened up to me. I kept feeling pressed to talk to her, so I know there was a message to deliver & I did. She wasn’t quite open to all of the message, as she was stuck in her own mindset. Yet I know one day she will fully understand.
I know spirit is always with us, &  attempting to connect. We can scream and cry, and in those moments of vulnerability when we are open, thats when the message(S) arrives.
For those who like their messages on DEMAND, you may contact me via phone for a private phone/skype appointment. 949-945-8706

XOXO D. Nefertiti

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The Mona Lisa..

The Mona Lisa


Did you know the Mona Lisa was stolen by a museum employee in 1911? Later recovered from an employee 2 years later…? Amazing isn’t it? France is literally like a 2nd home to me for various reasons. I had a past life there where the French took me in when I had to flea a land in total turmoil. I had the pleasure of recapping this experience when reuniting with an angelic sister during her regression.
A few years ago, ironically an old girlfriend use to call me the Mona Lisa. It wasn’t until I dug into my past lives that I even knew what she meant. Currently my great grandparents were french according to a family member. Many family members have the light skin, dark hair features with various eye combinations. And who doesn’t love french perfume, chocolate and wine!!
Sort of like life. How things take a while to be realized & harvested. Im sure the this is true for any major accomplishments in your current life. I was talking to a friend about all the things I do to get new business owners to agree to work on their business. Its not a short list. Anyhow some of these clients have taken me months or years to cultivate. From the outside viewers some may think wow, she’s up and running with no effort; yet most of things I am doing do take a huge time investment. So when you look at the price tag of any given service or product know that 200% effort is behind that. Think about the entire process and details that person had to do to deliver that to you.
As a person who likes to prep everything and be 100% knowledgeable on any given topic of project. Every assignment I take on, takes full effort, time and consideration. There is not half baking anything and putting your name on it. Anything that is quality takes time. “Just like finding the Mona Lisa!” It took them 2 years, to figure it out!!

Angel Nefertiti
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I personally have noticed many additional spiritual gifts and positive changes; vibrational and otherwise. People in general are being more kind to me and others, which is great to experience.  To think that a few bad apples tried to change the future of earth-shame on them, may their KARMA follow them for the rest of their days here on planet earth and beyond.

Some of the gifts include that I can now see aura’s. All I have to do it move my hand in from of me and I see the energy. I also can see visitors energy very strongly in the dark like a strong yellow glow for the Angels and this morning I saw Mother Pleiadian in a beautiful, brilliant pink fuchsia, as she dropped in this morning, while I was sending messages to heaven, I was glad to see her. I am grateful for many things and like most of us, family of light its just great to know and remember more each day. It is surreal and unbelievable we are even here, if you think about it from a human perspective. Its great to be here as the future of earth really is changing for the better.

I can see and feel the vibration changes as well, a few people I have come across randomly. Or as I like to think-not so random, each has looked at me for a second, a bit puzzled. This has happened more now than ever before,. This confusion can happen as they are recognizing my spirit or their own,  they feel my energy, something spiritually was triggered which is awesome to see or they are having an awareness moment. Its different for each one. Some just start rambling and or talking, ie channeling messages from their Angel(s)- talking about Jesus, heaven or otherwise. Its pretty amazing, really its never been this intense. Its almost like they go into a instant trance (as if you meditating) and they really need or want to say something spiritual or special to you. I’m not sure how it happens exactly, yet even my friend noticed it this last time when we were out. I was thinking wow–this NEW vibration is really changing people in ways we probably couldn’t physically understand before.

Yesterday I was at a monastery and this guy had ahh ha moment after I spoke for a minute. I could tell he came to know something about himself or some sort of truth he had been wondering about. It was great to see. As everyone is searching to know themselves a little bit more in these days.

Your sister


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Angels Everywhere….

St. Michael the Archangel portrait

St. Michael the Archangel

I went out today to buy a gift and my angel showed me a picture of an Angel so I knew to visit a certain shop  and sell many Angelic things. Well I arrived there, and looked around and thought, huh where is that angel I saw. I started talking to the owner and poof –there it was behind the counter, they hadn’t even put it out, a beautiful little white angel, he even gave me 20% off and I didn’t even ask. He inadvertently gave me a few messages. As I walked out I saw a few other angel items that had personal messages for me, like: “A wish for you”. I was looking at them and the lady said, she had one in the back and she took it out. It was lovely.

Later, I went to a business event and one of my contacts at my table, told me to do EFT because I had a slight cough that seem to linger. Weird because I feel better. See God gives you what you need –exactly at the right time. Someone took a photo and somehow the light in the flash made me see my guides, their luminescent light, which is awesome when your eyes are open.

We then somehow got onto the topic of Angels, my favorite topic of course I said yes I have angel guides, then this lady who was part of the conversation and whom Ive only met a few times before said; Archangel Michael is your guide, she just blurted it out, it was really funny. I said wow, that’s amazing that, how that came through. I could tell she wasn’t even trying to say it. That’s what we call channeling- truth, it will just come through. He was there, alright, I know he was telling her and she got the message, it was pretty cool, usually I’m the only one remotely awake in the circles I work in. So it was nice to experience. Later out of no where, a few people that I had just met, brought me glasses of wine, which I graciously accepted their act of kindness.

Then as I left, and got into my car, my other business friend said tell Archangel Michael hello; which I found hilarious, because he was right behind me. I looked at him and laughed. Like how did you know that. Amazing, he’s here. Then I got in my car. I’m so use to everyone being asleep. I was happy that he was a little bit awake. ha ha ha Times are changing, so excited.

Moon mother,


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My Visit from Saint Peter

One night I was staying near the beach w/my bf and it was morning time and I said..ohhh a visitor is here. I said oh my GOSH its a saint..then my boyfriend said. Its Saint Peter. I could see the strong energy of light clearly. He is someone I know from the other side, just dropping in to say HELLO. He was right next to the bed as I was laying down. That was such an exciting morning. More to come.


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Looking for Signs and Answers?

English: The Moon and planet Venus

English: The Moon and planet Venus (

Delivered instantly…

Have you ever had a question you needed an answer to?

Well my friends, the angels want to give you an answer. Often they attempt to deliver the message to you in many ways. Here are some examples. Usually billboards, signs, letters, through people, songs, dreams, mail, unexpected packages, gifts, symbols, etc. Remember that it has to resignate with you, everything isnt a sign. Once you learn how to connect to the other side/dimension or use your telepathic gifts with your angels it will become more and more clear the message they want you to have.

If you are new to all this, request a dream. Its a popular modality they use, keep in mind they are symbolic or like a metaphor that you must take apart and review. If your 3rd eye is open they will give you pictures and symbols, again they will be symbolic kind of like a beautiful poem that has meaning. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it. Every now and then you may be too busy, overly concerned or consumed to have clarity, just remember to be patient and eventually the answer will come.

PLEASE NOTE: not everything is a sign. Usually you will know if its a sign by the following: you get an inner vibration, the vibration runs from top down to all your chakras, something about the message resignates, it feels true to you, you hear it more than 1 time-in different ways, you keep seeing the same message.

I look forward to meeting you in the future…

Love Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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Messages from the Other Side.

Messages from the other side, in perfect TIME!

Message 1:

Sometimes I am truly amazed of all the messages I get and how closely I am guided. I am very grateful for this. I can remember when I didn’t see or hear or know the obvious. I do hope you all work on your path so you can discern the messages being sent to you.

Today I was being challenged after being rejected on something earthly that I wanted….a wish so to speak.The reason for me not getting it was a stupid one, people rules that really don’t make sense for all. Since its personal, I’m not going to disclose it.

Yet I went to Costco to have a hotdog. Actually I feel the Angels led me there, as I write this I hear a tap..and I hear YES. well I’m walking up to buy my HOt dog. Then I’m feeling a little disillusioned about not being approved. And I read a sign that talks about gifts from Heaven being hidden. That’s exactly what i need to see/hear today. To remind me to keep the hope.

Message 2

I recently applied at a business, I was wondering the status of the application, while at the gym, as i go upstairs i see a guy is wearing their LOGO shirt. crazy huh, I need to follow up. WOW.

Message #3

Today I took out my Mother Mary pendant, I was in line. And I what came to me was the lady that gave me this knew me from before, a past life or from heaven- somehow. That was the message. At that moment, the little boy in line said about the little girl trying to talk to him, She thinks she knows me., mommy. How about that for Timing?

LOOK FOR SIGNS, they are everywhere and your angel guide will try to get you to see them, feel them and hear them. Especially if you ask them for help.



Moon Mother


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The Invisible World

Dimension X

Dimension X

We live in 2 dimensions; ie earth and the spiritual realm. Those of us who have been blessed can Tap into the ability for our eyes, minds and third eyes to be opened to see the other dimension more quickly than the average human. Thats how we were created, yet everyone can work towards this. If you have been thinking about what you have been missing, I encourage all of you to start investing at least 60 to 120 minutes a day on what you do not know, mediating, prayer, research and doing spiritual actitivites. It truly is the only way to open yourself up to more of what God has created and has available to us. Personally I wouldn’t want to live without my internal gps,thats like walking blind. God gave all one, it’s located in the pineal gland. Most of us have been taught to not use our intuition or spiritual gifts, yet that is never how God intended it to be.

On a daily basis I am surrounded by angels and have visitors from the other dimension. Visitors include angels, archangels, saints, light beings, blessed spirits and every once in a while Jesus/God. Keep in mind we all have a soul and that soul is just a spirit and when we leave earth that’s all we keep,so there is nothing to be afraid of. if you are afraid of a spirit that is like saying you are afraid of yourself. In history many have been taught to fear the other dimension perhaps out do not knowing it, ignorance or to control groups.Trust me God wants you to see feel, and experience the other dimension without fear.
Once you open up your third eye there is much more one is aware of. When One can see into the other dimension,which I might say is pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to tell all that one can experience once awakened, it’s a natural high like no other,yet no alcohol or drugs are ever needed.


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