The Road to Enlightenment

Do not get caught up in the GOAL, enjoy TODAY,  the learning and the experience of it all. Really once you get there, you will just be spiritually wide awake to both realms, with all the fabulous spiritual gifts- anyhow. Which it is believed that everyone can attain it. So if you are young,go  enjoy your youth, yet know yourself.  If you are older know that you are wise and its a great time to reflect upon why you are here.I know they gave me a certain amount of years to just BE, which I think is important because as you get older you dont feel like you missed out. So if your young..go be young. You are already everything in God’s eyes. If you are older have peace in a life well lived or in the lessons you have learned to be more at peace with yourself.

I see the older monks have attained many gifts as they truly dedicate themselves, yet it really just depends on your soul and your personal contract with God. Which is personal and most Angels or beings do not discuss with the public.

Find the joy in your heart and soul of everyday life and the beauty of the people around you. If you can not do that now, you can not move forward. I try to see the good in everyone despite their sometimes very apparent flaws. In NLP its called a reframe, reframe your mind to seeing the good in everyone.

We came here for the human experience, God is bringing the dead alive, us Angels. Do your part, remember why you came here. Not all of us will be famous, its over rated any how, do you see how the stars surrender their life to their profession. One must realize that with fame comes responsibility. I’ve had it many lives before this one and if I shall ever have it this life, it will be for God, God’s will and only God. As for the peace of just being..really is priceless, as you all know.

If God wants you to having riches, fame or anything else, that is what will be. Trust me on that one. The things that I am to have– just come to me and the same goes for you. They will come, let go. God loves you. Surrender being in control and just do what you can, help will always be sent if you ask and doing what is in the interest of the Universe. So “do not covet” your neighbor, there is no need for that and just let go.

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from one of the Buddhist nuns, she gave me a special ceremonial dress. I knew she was guided to do it, its the small things in life, that will touch your heart.

We all get a time out here and there, so take it as it comes. We were meant to love and enjoy life. So go seize the day and do your part daily.


Love your mother from ancient times,



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Shutting off the noise..in Life.

Its interesting as one goes through life, one can see how one grow’s and develops over time. This year I received over $400 in Christmas gift cards and I am very appreciative of the gifts indeed. Yesterday I spent part of the day just shopping for things I may need or want as I already have everything in reality–Ie shelter, food, love, family and family of the light. I could now appreciate all the effort people go through to purchase a gift for another, their intention to purchase a thoughtful gift and I found shopping such a chore! There were still many long lines from other shoppers with gift cards, the selection of merchandise was scarce. And the funniest thing of all is that many people in line were entertaining themselves with their smart phones. Which if you have one you can recommend, please email me and tell me why you like it. Im getting rid of the Iphone, it looks nice, yet is very slow.After a few hours out I really felt like I needed to meditate I did that 2 times when I got home, it really made me appreciate my progress of peace. I use to love to spend countless of hours shopping and buying things I didnt need and in line, it hit me-that, that no longer  satisfies my soul anymore. Its just stuff, it has no real meaning, and when I leave earth, it will stay here. I knew I should be working on my spiritual goals as you always take the lessons of this lifetime with you and know that you have done something for humanity.

Love your soul sister



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This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...

What can I say meditation is such a powerful tool and is one key for you to awaken further and advance spiritually. Ive come along way since I started to this specifically over 4 years ago. Finding this inner peace is super valuable, also if there are people who through you off emotionally because you are an empath, limit your time with them. I always use my bubble of protection and ground. I know it is their feelings, yet if you are an empath, then you can understand what I’m talking about it. Unless you have this spiritual gift, one can not image how distracting this is.

Moon mother,


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What are Spiritual Experiences Like?

My Daily Spiritual Experiences

Often I channel a lot of information when I am free of worry. So allow yourself peace, rest and even a nap if you really need an answer. Also taking a walk in nature or even mediating usually gives me the answer that I seek. My Angels never fail me, unless I am not to know. Like it isn’t time, that happens as well.

Usually the best time to get clear answers is between sleep and awake. Spirits are great about being around and delivering the messages you need to hear, see or feel. So if you can connect in the morning or before bed…let the information flow to you.

I have seen my Angels in color in this state, my future children and received answered to questions I really was confused about.I can see my Angels 90-95% of the time, their essence floating around. Its pretty cool at least I know I’m not alone anymore. At first it scared me. It happened when I went to Hawaii. Apparently the place is spiritual. So I suggest you go visit a spiritual place near you and pray for this gift.

They also use dreams to deliver messages. Most of the time they are symbolic, so if you have a hard time breaking the code ie figuring out what the dreams meant, send it to me and I’ll tell you.

Every night I have visitors from other planets, they do not scare me because I intuitively know, that I knew most of them before coming here and that is why they visit. One time I had an Andromedean visit, and I asked why are you here, and he said; I didnt want to be the last to come see you. Which was very sweet. Considering my family has no idea how connected I am to the other realm. They would shit their pants if they knew…lol A little Earth humor for you’ll.Especially if your family is not like you.

Yes it is hard to be here some days, when you know you really are from the other side and are just here to carry out Gods purpose. Most of you are still discovering what that is. It can make people like us, very homesick.Because we are use to being next to God & the Angels and now were here on Earth, living this reality. ha ha ha!! In a way it is funny and a joke, because HOME is HEAVEN.

Especially when people who are close to you on Earth, are judgmental, critical, possibly mean and unloving at times. Ive learned to accept that they are not awake, they do not understand, are on a different path and they may not get it, until the day they die. And that’s just how it is. This is when grace comes in. Forgive them for they do not know what they do, like the bible states. And it really applies here.

Love you,


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Have you reached Enlightenment?

Others describe this as ascension, whatever resignates with you is just perfect.

As we all know this is a long path. Out in California there is a Monastery called Verdanta. There, there are many monks who have certainly figured out what it takes and what it truly means. I love going there, because I feel I am truly with like minded people. They understand the act of serving. As well as many of the concepts we should all embrace; such as empathy, compromise, love, forgiveness, acceptance, etc.

My brief description of it is this- that one serves God on a daily basis; those of us who are at this stage may know or hear Gods different assignments for us either through God directly or by his Angels. Although Jesus has visited me a few times, he doesn’t always. Usually my messages come from the Archangels, Saints, Angels and light beings.

Next one acts in the best interest of the whole when a part of group or with in the family; this mean you have to set your personal feelings aside, detach yourself, be fair and try to bring community. Yes its difficult if you are not there yet. When you are enlighten or reached ascension it is easier because you will not take things so personal.

One has spent countless hours meditating or in prayer. This is a daily practice, for myself, it just brings peace and clarity, even truth to situations. I may not like the reality of whatever truth comes about yet I can accept it more easily and attempt to understand the situation, a different point of view or remove myself (just like NLP). I will say at times it is difficult knowing possible outcomes when you are spiritually gifted to discern the information coming from the angels.

With all this work comes the spiritual gifts. One can fine tune their spiritual gifts, and they can be used to help others. Every time I leave the house and I go out to a public place I never know who will be sent to me next. Its quite amazing. When it happens youll know what to say to whatever stranger you’ll meet because the Angels will tell you the message(s) they need to hear. Serving God is not about yourself. If one references the bible, they are given by God to help others whether you want to make a business out of it, volunteer or just do acts of kindness to serve others, that is up to you. I believe all blessed people see it this way. I have an older friend, a male who I know from other lives, we are both blessed and have this same frame of thought. I also know a few other women that are blessed in their 40’s who do lovely things to serve. One runs a church and the other a spiritual practice. Its almost as when you wake up, and know who you are (by God) one will have this framing deep in your DNA. Its like being encoded…anything other than serving God just wont satisfy you. If your passion is strong like this, its possible that you are like me, and you may have some work to do to find out what your path is.

Words are powerful, in God’s light we can say words that are in the person’s best interest or ours. When you have reached this point, then you know your enlightened because you will do it no matter what. Knowing that God is Love and you can be that way as well.Watch what you say. If you are given intuitive information and you feel the need to share it, keep it positive, focus on what the person can work on rather than telling them the storm is coming. Im always truthful yet framing the information is the most important thing anyone who has this gift needs to learn.

Daily we have to judge other peoples words and actions. So Judge their words, do they come from love, is the intent real, do they have any meaning? Usually one can listen to someone speak and hear the truth between the lines. It is best to do this when you can detach your personal feelings or past emotions from any situation. Usually this is easy to do with strangers because you haven’t known then that long, so it is pretty clear. It gets more complicated when you have known people longer than a year, then you really have to separate yourself from the issue.

Judge Actions, as reality is not complete without actions. Usually people will tell you their state of mind in what they do or do not do. Actions say a lot. Personally I’m pretty direct and most of my men friends love me for this attribute because Im not a BS’er , Ill tell you whats on my mind, how I feel and where we stand with no funny business, especially if you ask. We seem to be in a world that likes to live in disguise, where people like to hide truth from the public, from parents/friends or like to pretend —even if it isnt true for them. One doesn’t do any justice to themselves or others by lying about their truth. How can someone treat you the way you want to be treated, if they do not know who you really are, where you stand or what you really think. Isn’t it best just to cut the bull and get to the issue? Together words & action, gives you the picture of reality.



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The Invisible World

Dimension X

Dimension X

We live in 2 dimensions; ie earth and the spiritual realm. Those of us who have been blessed can Tap into the ability for our eyes, minds and third eyes to be opened to see the other dimension more quickly than the average human. Thats how we were created, yet everyone can work towards this. If you have been thinking about what you have been missing, I encourage all of you to start investing at least 60 to 120 minutes a day on what you do not know, mediating, prayer, research and doing spiritual actitivites. It truly is the only way to open yourself up to more of what God has created and has available to us. Personally I wouldn’t want to live without my internal gps,thats like walking blind. God gave all one, it’s located in the pineal gland. Most of us have been taught to not use our intuition or spiritual gifts, yet that is never how God intended it to be.

On a daily basis I am surrounded by angels and have visitors from the other dimension. Visitors include angels, archangels, saints, light beings, blessed spirits and every once in a while Jesus/God. Keep in mind we all have a soul and that soul is just a spirit and when we leave earth that’s all we keep,so there is nothing to be afraid of. if you are afraid of a spirit that is like saying you are afraid of yourself. In history many have been taught to fear the other dimension perhaps out do not knowing it, ignorance or to control groups.Trust me God wants you to see feel, and experience the other dimension without fear.
Once you open up your third eye there is much more one is aware of. When One can see into the other dimension,which I might say is pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to tell all that one can experience once awakened, it’s a natural high like no other,yet no alcohol or drugs are ever needed.



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