Dealing w/ Daily Earth Issues

How to deal with Jealousy…

Lets face it, its everywhere and it happens. People allow their minds to get the best of them. They get caught up in what the world and advertisements tell them who they need to be and what they need; instead of listening to their Angels & God for divine direction. Lately I have seen it more in women than men, I suppose because they are always seem to be establishing some sort of identity for themselves or struggling with issues of their past/childhood that they can not let go. Some just can not control their EARTHLY wants, and its just a distraction.

I suggest you remove yourself from anyone who is willing to cloud your thoughts or attempt to sabotage you from your life’s mission. Deep inside you know what you have to do in your life and your guides are right next to you to help. So just go for it.

Judge other peoples actions as well as their words. Some people are all talk and there is very little truth in their words, trust your feelings and discernment. Some people are just so immature there is no speaking logic to them, ever. Also it may be the case that they are young souls, so they can not possibly conceptualize the big scope of life as some of us OLD souls do; of the Universe, other life and the true purpose of life as we know it. Their pettiness compromises their life and is a pure distraction not only to their purpose but to your own.

I have many older men friends, who are honest with me. And I do not care that I only have a few girlfriends because I know they are the ones with a genuine Godly heart, their actions demonstrate this. Some times I think of the people in Egypt when Jesus was around and how they behaved. And I think of now and I realize people have not changed that much and that is why we are here to help humanity.

Know that GOD is watching, always and he is JUST. And the Angels are always near.

Moon Mother

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