Acts of Service

Three angels visiting Abraham

Three angels visiting Abraham

Some times GOD calls us to help others in the most unexpected ways. I never know who I am going to be called to help, that’s part of the mystery and fun. Some times I’m pitching a business client completely thinking I’m there to sell them my services, then I walk in and BAM- I realize I’m there for God.

Ill be their moment of inspiration, their guiding light, hope or perhaps just to deliver a spiritual message. I have to say most of the time I do not know exactly know how things may go so I do not turn down business meetings for that reason. I know God and my Angels will always take care of me and they have. I try to have a heart of SERVICE. Yes it is hard.

If you can make the difference in 1 person’s life this week, by donating your time or money to someone who needs it, that would make a difference in their life. Recently a girlfriend gave me an unsolicited gift, truly thoughtful and from the heart. I was so touched. I give many gifts and rarely very few are like this, the last one was from my boyfriend at Christmas. Where he gave me only spiritual items for Christmas. SO you see, you can do something so wonderful for someone else. It doesn’t even have to take much effort.

Recently I was at Vons buying a bottle of wine for a gift. When I saw this wine bottle called “lost Angel”. I was then told to go to this mini mall, so I did. Then my Angel directed me to walk in 2 specific stores. One which would have an angelic brother from the other side. HE was feeling lost, who I later met a few weeks later. The mall was REALLY slow, anyhow they wanted me to bless all the small business, especially those 2 stores I first mentioned which both had Angel items everywhere and the owners were from the LIGHT! Now, how magical is that! I cant tell you how often this happens to me, and I love it. Usually they find me or somehow I find them. Of course its our ANGELS!

The following week, I was at the same mall and I saw this woman, she had 15 bags of groceries. My Angels told me to talk to her. So I did. Apparently she was going to take the bus, imagine that with all those bags. So I helped her with her bags, I took half of them and decided to take her home which gave me another 20 minutes to get to know her. She had been out of a job for some time, disabled, living with someone and was traveling far away to visit a friend. It gave me such empathy to hear her story and what people have to go through emotionally these days. I could feel it and it made me sad that her hope was nearly dead. I encouraged her and gave her, her Angel message. I knew it was no accident that we met that day. And the message for me was “trust” trust what we tell you and we will guide the way. And they sure have.

Another time I had heard of another friends trouble’s, I sent him a small monetary gift as that is what he needed because he had no food or gas for the week. One day I was listening to music and I was channeling as well, the words were: you maybe the only Jesus they ever see. I took the message meaning for me and probably for you as well; is that the person you are helping maybe the only experience some people have of someone being Christ like with them.

Make a difference in someones life and give from the heart. You can do this, daily or weekly, with very little effort. Usually it only takes me very little time each day to help someone else.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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