My Advice on Marriage.

Marriage Day


Never bad mouth your wife/husband to your friends, family or in-laws unless your permanently planning to leave them. I have seen this happen so many times with friends. Even innocently with myself at times, where I had said something in the spur of the moment which wasnt a big deal, I was just upset about something minor in reality; when I was around my family about my ex-husband. Some Families and friends can be very unforgiving. In their mind they want whats best for you and it may not be in alignment with what you want. So keep it quiet unless you want to open a can of worms. To me the less drama in life, the better. You never know how the people listening are going to take your complaining.

We all know that it may not be a big deal, yet if your emotional that is going to be much harder to sell to your family. So the best bet is: keep it to yourself. If you want to brag w/the family go ahead. I understand everyone needs their person to confide in, so have that. A close friend that will not judge and give you in partial advice, we all need a sounding board at times. All couples have disagreements, its whether you can talk them out and compromise. A necessary element in being married. Its not all about you when you get married.

Moon Mother,

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