Kids, Life, Being Busy..

As a parent your going to get alot of advice, from family, parents, friends, singles, adults with no children and even strangers.

Listen to those who you feel have been through it, sometimes those who’ve been through it in more recents years, probably can better advise you.  Just keep that in mind.

Some generations; were parents some several decades ago; and they raised their children so long ago, its not quite the same as todays day and age with lifes demands, technology and responsibilities, so everyones advice is just that, the way they would do it. Just keep that in heart and mind when the people in your life are out of touch with your life.

Ive had Ex-parents & singles judge me, shh my kid, shh me, discount my feedback, its sort of sad really that people forget the balance of life  that parents do. I have much RESPECT for working mamas, I really do. You sleep less and do more out of pure instinct and love of our children.


D. Nefertiti

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