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Let’s face it, its hard to stay in shape as we get older. There are certain things one must to maintain their shape if you are a woman, because of our hormones. Ill share some of my recommendations in this post. Ive taken many health classes for the heck of it. So i will share with you what I learned.

Did you know your metabolism slows down every 7 years? So you know what that means you have to work to maintain once you hit your 30’s. The best time is start in your 20’s and remember its a life style your choosing not just a fade.

Some things I do weekly to maintain my weight and figure:

1.Work out at minimum 5 days out of 7, yes if you stop longer than 2 days, it will be that much harder to go back to it. I make it a habit to work out 7 days a week, even if its just 30 minutes. I call it ME time, time with nature, God, time to think and clear your mind. It is very effective. I recommend doing an hour a day if you can. If not do at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, increase when you feel guided or ready to do so. Ive done for most of the last 20 years, unless I was sick really sick. Like last week, I was just too sick to walk 2 of the days, I was coughing and wheezing, so do not be extreme if your sick , doing outdoor activity or need to go out for the weekend to travel.

Fat cells increase during puberty and pregnancy, so remember that ladies. If you just gave birth, follow the doctors orders and return to your work out routine once its safe. You can still eat healthy. Also if you need a cheat day, have it but I would recommend choosing 2 items to cheat with not all 3 meals. Its just too much to make up. So keep it in moderation.

2. Lift weight at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes.

3. Eat raw fruits, vegetables, lean meats, protein, supplements, a daily vitamin, water, avacados & coconut water. Coconut water is great for your health, it has lots of electrolytes. And if your feeling lazy coconut water is a great substitute instead of candy, boxed food or fast food.

If you follow a healthy regime, you will see in time that your fat cells will shrink, your weight will reduce and your shape will take form, or return.

4. Sometimes its hard to see a difference, so take your measurements, fat percentage and weight, check it weekly. Remember you are making a life choice , its not punishment. This is a choice for better health, a better you, someone you can look in the mirror at and be happy with. You are already perfect, so this is just a healthy lifestyle to maintain yourself as you get older.

Note if you go through a death in the family, try not to EAT to fill your emotions, because it will take far longer to take it off than put it on. Try some hypnosis once you have accepted the death. I once put on 20 lbs, it took a lot of running to get it off. Running works out over 90% of the body yet is very hard on the knees and joints. Use the treadmill if you feel this way, as the road is harder on the body. I use to run 2-4 miles a day. Now that Im in my 30’s I do not like to run as much, my shin splits get to me. Hiking is a good in between.

5. Do the above as it works, Ive gained and lost weight throughout the years. This was the easiest way for me. Run if you want to take it off quicker.

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