People all around me are very afraid of death. For the most part, I am not. I guess because I know our soul lives forever. It can not be killed, it can be relocated though. And anyone saying they are killing others for their religion, CLEARLY aren’t listening to God.

Personally, I’m not afraid of death and probably like everyone else, I do not want to suffer when that day comes. I think once you start to remember your past lives and when they are shown to you, it doesn’t seem as big of a deal. I do want to accomplish some of the things I had hope to while here. I think I am more concern with that, that I didn’t keep my promises, than leaving Earth. This is just one life, one experience. Its mind boggling to know and remember I lived in Egypt thousands of years ago. There’s comfort in it, knowing my soul is old, wiser and getting better about being on Earth. We all know its a journey and a challenge at times.

Years ago, when I was first being more open about using my discernment for others, it was difficult at times to channel such serious messages for people who weren’t quite ready for them. And then have them turn around and blame me because they didn’t like the “truth” their Angels were sending. I guess it was just part of their journey to awakening.

Over all its more rewarding than not. Also knowing that I can have such an impact in a person life by redirecting their boat/sail and send it in the right direction. We all need it at times.

Moon Mother,

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