Soul Exchanges

English: Depiction of a soul being carried to ...

a soul being carried to heaven by two angels.

Does God arrange for Soul Exchanges?

I believe anything is possible… Yet I have no proof of this. And see no reason for it.

This is when a soul from Heaven is exchanged with another soul on Earth.

I have met a few people who have claimed they are exchanges. Both are light beings, they say they are from different planets and state they were exchanged with spirit souls…a human soul. One said she was exchanged some 15 years ago and the other most recently.  I have to believe that God only does this when absolutely necessary. I feel it is not a common thing. And Im not sure if this has occurred or if they are confused with their nightly travels. Im sure clarity will come to us all on this.

Who knows what Creator has in mind for people, the family of light, the government and the future. Anything is possible…

Moon Mother

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4 thoughts on “Soul Exchanges

  1. Debbie DeForest

    Interesting deductions, and yes, i may have met one. i told his mother, he looked like an angel, though personally, we couldn’t figure out how to have a relationship. was told we might have had 2 other marriages/lifetimes together, sexes were changed, male/female/and lovely beheading……

  2. sunshinegoth86

    I need some clarification on the difference between twin souls and twin flame if you would be so kind? Also, do angels ever get caught up in the wheel of karma and have to keep reincarnating til it’s balanced? How does one know if they are an angel incarnated, or if their partner is their twin flame/twin soul? Sorry for soooo many questions, but I thank you in advance!! Thank you, Kerry

    • Twin soul=twin flame. its the same.

      Karma- Angels, our guides have no Karma. On earth, its just to teach us something, not necessarily punishment.

      Earth Angels- usually through hypnosis one will discover if they are or not. Or they just internally know.

      Everyone’s path is different, it isnt karma that makes us return to earth.Do not worry about the next life, just focus on this one.

      its a decision between you and our creator on how one can help earth or if one wants or need to learn on this planet. Usually in a past life regression one can go into the detail of their soul plan. Play my audio on it on my service page, talks about what my clients have discovered. just fyi

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