Heaven-the other dimension, where we ALL go when we leave our body.

Astral travel– when we allow our spirit/soul that is attached by a cord, to take a mini vactaion from the body to explore the other dimension or our surrounding area.

Avatar: descendant of God, a high vibrational descendant in which their personal high energy is used to spread peace and heal. Also know as a servant for peace. To share creator’s message of love, acceptance & inner peace.

God-Creator of the Universe,  some refer to God as source, he is an energy just like all of us better greater, creator of surrounding planets and life from all planets. I am happy to call him my dear friend.

Twin souls- also know as flames, for Angels the divine replica of souls; the male and female. 1 of each. “which create the one” everyone speaks of. Our exact twin, usually 1 is on earth, 1 in heaven to help guide us through life. Both equal. For angelics both are divine.

Yeshua or goes by Jesus-Son of God,  avatar, enlightened being; location: Heaven.

Budha- Enlightened being, avatar, messenger of God.

Quan Yin-Enlightened being, female avatar, messenger of God.

Queen of the Angels-Spiritual Guide, Avatar, mother to the Angels. The Royal Q of heaven.

Angel- Angelic being from Heaven, messenger

ArchAngel-Angels over seeing the guardian Angels; Ariel, Haniel, Auriel, Camael,Saraphiel,Tzaphkiel,Melchizedek, Metatron, Micha’el, Gabriel, Raphel, Raziel,Sabrael, Jophiel, Muriel, Sandalphon,Thuriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel.

Earth Angel- Incarnate Angelic being from Heaven

Starseed- Experienced life on other planets, now on planet Earth.

Crystal children- born between 1990-2010, are into oneness, for peace & love. gifts of Clairvoyance & healing. Open up rapidly to the 9th dimension-Christ Consciousness. And the 13th-Universal Consciousness.

Indigo Children-1970-1992, have amazing clairvoyance & healing abilities, do not tolerate being lied to, stand up & fight for what is right.Blue in their auras, more intelligent, more sensitive.Passionate about their beliefs, may even battle depression when young.

Rainbow children- born after 2000- Intuitive and psychic, strong personalities, creative.

English: Great Andromeda Nebula. Public domain...

Great Andromeda Nebula.

Pleiadian- from Pleiades, Light beings, many have incarnated currently.

Andromeda- Galaxy in space

Andromedeans- Light beings from Andromeda, some have incarnated currently.

Sirians-Light beings from the planet Syria in outer space.

Mary Magdalene.- Wife of Jesus , in biblical times & in heaven.  Princess of heaven.

Light beings- Life/ beings from other planets, who incarnate as humans or currently reside on their planet.

Soul brother- Male, Family of light; could be angelic or a light being, incarnate Angel/light being.

Soul sister-female, family of light; could be angelic or a light being, incarnate angel or light being.

Bible-an account of history of when Jesus the Angels incarnated, who came to earth to teach humans how to live and treat each other while on planet earth. The book was created & made by humans, so have grace with the items that have been mistranslated by many generations. The 10 commandments and the principles are great standard to live by.

To be continued- Ill be adding to this list as I think of terms people may want to know more about or as I am instructed (channel from GOD) to add to them.

D. Nefertiti, Moon Mother,

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