Earth Angels:

Trying to Live a Normal Life, whatever that is.



This is really funny for us highly advanced individuals, we are so beyond our EARTH years because we are not from here. And sometimes living in 2 dimensions puzzles the people around you on how can you experience all of that. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a blessing when the Angels tell you to deliver messages to friends, strangers or family members aren’t ready for.

Gosh this happens weekly, I’m getting a little better at preframing. Like saying..knock knock, guess who’s here, your guardian Angel and they have a message for you. I have a guy friend who calls me everyday for my advice on his life, I use to have a girlfriend, she use to abuse my gifts that the other side cut her off. I know you think that sucks. Yeah they are mental body guards so to speak. I have to respect when they tell me certain people are not good for me at the time. My bf still hasn’t got use to how intuitive I am. I say, its no big deal. Ive been like this my whole life. And trust me we don’t always want to know your business.Usually Ill deliver the message because the sender will not stop giving me the info. Usually a guardian angel or loved one whos right next to you. So I bet your wondering how they send the information, usually its telepathic. And those of us with this ability can easily pick it up. I do not think about the information, I just say what comes to be otherwise, one can impose their personal prejudice. Have you ever spoke to anyone about your problems, they started talking, and felt there was a message they were telling you indirectly.That’s how it happens. Make sure it resignates.

People are starting to come around and say I’m lucky. I guess having a little Angel in your ear, isn’t so bad or I mean many GIANT Angels in your ear, lol.

I know most people cant understand and that’s okay. Lets just say if your family was originally from Germany, wouldn’t you understand German. Its kind of like that.

Moon mother, Nefertiti,

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2 thoughts on “Earth Angels:

  1. Debbie DeForest

    I appreciate your honesty. It was beautiful. ❤ Peace Love and Blessings in Michael's Light Army! ❤ would love to 'talk' sometime! 🙂

  2. Mary Micheledes

    I love this – I sometimes deliver messages and the receiver is not ready for them – I am not going to lie, it knocks my confidence and I do doubt myself – my angel guides reassure me that what I have given is true and just, but this article has given me confidence and trust in myself, thank you – I think they guided me here 🙂 xx

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