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Good vs. Bad

This is an interesting topic. Good and Bad co-exist. I believe intuitively, by Gods design we know what is good and what is bad because that’s how God created us. Just like how we all have an internal GPS called intuition, that is from God.

I feel if you have intent to do harm or do ill will that is far worst than things just going wrong because you made bad choices or because the market went the wrong way; that you couldn’t see the outcome. Yes there is a difference. If you make a choice knowing & thinking it was wrong to begin with then why make that choice. My example of this is if you steal or murder from someone, you already know that its wrong. The 10 commandments are a great standard to live by.

People make choices everyday and deep inside they know their intention. I feel if you have negative intention toward someone then expect some Karma to come your way. If you made a choice and you had no negative intention, yet did the action out of LOVE, well then there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference. so review your choices, it will be clear if they are in LOVE or otherwise.

The other day I was connected to one of my soul sisters, I felt her pain. So I sent her a card and a small gift. My intent was pure and it was to share the love she needs and requested to me in spirit. I just wanted to let her know that I haven’t forgotten her.

Often I see that society teaches us that we need to strive to be perfect. Yet we are created from the Divine and our souls are already perfect.

Also the principals in the bible do not make them true, they are in the bible because they are true. True accounts of the past and of history of our Angelic brother Jesus.

God is about LOVE not fear. God knows all and sees all and is not about punishment. That is what was created by man not God or the Angels.

Moon Mother Nefertiti,

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