Dreams Tell us a lot.

1. Keep a Journal

2. write your feelings

3. write possible meanings

4. Draw a cross + in each quadrant of the cross, draw a picture of what the Dream means to you, this will resolve it unconsciously, it really works. say I dream of waves, in each quadrant, I


draw a wave.

5. try hypnosis if all else fails or come see me for meanings.

Usually they are symbolic, or tell a lose story using people you will remember or characteristics of the people that it is telling you about, it could be of the future or have a message. I suggest writing them down, do it first thing as you wake up.

Then let your unconscious mind loose, to figure out the meaning. Just write whatever it reminds you of. Usually I get the answer almost instantly. Some of my friends are amazed how if I don’t get something while conscious, I will certainly get in a dream or in deep mediation.

If you can not figure it out this way, let a friend translate, only accept what they tell you if it resignates or do some hypnosis. Thats the easiest way, you turn off the chatter and get to go beyond the shield of thought. I did this for a friend the other day, very effective.

Ive also helped others with hypnosis after a death in the family. Of course when they had accepting the death everyone should grieve a bit, its a just part of the process. Your the boss on how long you want it to last.

D. Nefertiti,

Copyright,D. Nefertiti ., All rights reserved. angelsofthemoonandstars.wordpress.com Include if reblogged.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Lisa

    I recently had a dream about Queen Nefertiti. She standing in a large room, as it felt real she sat back to her chair. Did not say anything, she sat there still quietly thinking. I woke up and thought it was weird, I’ve never dreamt like that before. I wonder it means? I felt connected and maybe try to send me a message? But it was pretty neat. In time I will figure it out. 🙂

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