My Advice on Negative Intuitive Readings and Guidance

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Take everything with a grain of salt. No one has control of you or destiny, if anyone the creator. The best thing is to make a general plan and take action.

We’ve all done it, thought about having a reading for fun or actually done it, right…? I use to have a girlfriend 12 years ago who was very psychic, at the time she was out of the ordinary for me. She was like no one I have never met. She didnt do it for a living or anything, I never paid her either. Sometimes she would give me advice it wasnt always positive, yet it was always truthful. Like no sugar coating which I always appreciate a straight shooter probably because I am like that in life & in business. I often tell business owners, this is the truth, the good, bad and the ugly, now do you want to do anything about it, its up to you. I’m like here it is. I know she was genuine, I felt it. I wasnt into this stuff at all and for my entire life I was hiding how gifted & psychic I was. And I ignored all those spiritual things that happened to me, yet never looked for any answers until everything went wrong. Perhaps that is lesson here, do it now. Do not wait. Funny how society attempts to teach us to be like everyone else. Be different!

Makes us feel like we can not be different because we are so afraid of being rejected by our friends and family. I am here to tell you it is okay. And if you are very spiritual gifted there is a very good reason for it. And you should be proud, I am. It is from GOD. And I so can not wait to tell you why you are gifted, why you were led to me and help you discover your lives journey.

After all these years, isn’t it exciting that you are finally finding out who you really are?

I know I was ecstatic when GOD woke me up. I was like thank you—- GOD, I knew something didn’t add up here. Its like that part of your mind is sleep and one day God turns on the “light”. It’s so freaking amazing, I can not say that enough. Quit doing what everyone tells you to do, do what you want, feel, and know is your passion.

Now on readings: So here are things to consider if you actually get one from a friend or pay for one when you do. Know that the reader is a 3rd party attempting to access information to help you, usually from Angels or spirits from the other side. Know the angels want what is best for you, they are very fair. Now pay attention to your gut feelings on what you hear. Are they delivering what you want to hear, or is it good with, needs improvement. A true light worker will deliver both as gently as possible. Your unconscious mind knows truth, so trust your feelings. If you get a creepy feeling about someone pay attention to that. It may be your guardian angel telling you-not this one. You’ll be able to tell the difference from LOVE & weirdness.

My journey started when Jesus came to me at age 10, yes I was shocked and too earthly young to know what that meant until the last 5-7 years. I channel directly to the Angels and God, and I am protected. I always say go direct to them, if you can hear them like I can. Now if you have not honed your ability to do this yet go to someone you know, trust or go to someone with a referral. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that may take advantage of your weakness. So be smart. And there are a lot of people who want to help you as well.I know thats why I do human development. I use my gifts naturally with my business. If Im out on the streets and the angels have a message for a stranger and they are sent to me, I deliver it, always. God always pays me in one form or another. And if you believe in Karma, it will come back to you in a good way.

I do take free prayer requests, list important information for you to learn/ research and provide all this FREE information so all of you can learn about yourself at no costs and so you can eventually guide yourself better.

Love your

Divine ,

Moon Mother

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