Past Lives..Reincarnation

WE all have past lives, whether we remember them or not.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels We Have Heard on High

Sometimes its good to go digging into your past if you keep making the SAME mistakes and your ready to CORRECT them. Then stop beating yourself over the head and say…what will I learn from this, how will I change and now that I know this how will I do things differently.

Trust me, it is a hard thing to do. Do this when you feel ready and led to.Take everything with a grain of salt. And never let anyone tell you your a bad person because x.y, z. No one is perfect, we are all here to learn.

And most of all. One must not only forgive friends and family members for the things they do or attempt to do to us, we must forgive our selves for NOT being perfect this life. Its okay. We are all here to learn.

When people give you advice or suggestions; perhaps on things you do that you are doing over and over that may not benefit you in some way. Like dating the bad boys, continually not reporting to a job on time, not being responsible where it effects you adversely, focusing on material things, being mean, being angry at others, fighting with family/friends, whatever else that seems to a problem in your life, etc. Then listen. IF the advice giver is always critical, with you and others or talks about everyone negatively,  then ignore it. WE all have the bad news bears around us. So use your intuition to see if there’s a lesson or something you need to evaluate, look at or that you can learn from what they are saying.

Often The Angels will give me messages to deliver, sometimes it is a hard to do especially with people close to me. “Who wants to deliver a lesson”….Yes it is my heavenly job because I am trying to get them to move forward in life. And in their bubble they can not see what I can. This is a gift and a big responsibility.

Now, I know most people do not have this gift. Yet we all have friends and family members around us wanting to give us advice and feedback on our life. KNOW that you do not have to accept anything anyone gives you, first off. If they are trying to change you to be like them, then totally ignore it. IF they are trying to help, intuitively you will know. Always ask your angels for clarity. Do it at night, by the next day(s) it will be clear. When someone tries to help you in LOVE not only will you feel it, your mind will know the difference, right….

So spend time with yourself, ground and reflect your on your actions to know if what they are telling you is of value.

Love your Moon mother,

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