Living in between 2 Worlds

Angel 013

Its a quiet Friday evening, my adopted black cat from the monastery, sits on my lap as I write. Just recently, I was lead to a Women’s conference which I went to today that I just found a few days ago.I knew there was a reason I needed to go, I just didnt know until I showed up today. Yes I found it with the guidance of my guardian Angel. And to my surprise the entire Hotel was Egyptian and pictures of myself, in my Nefertiti life, were all over. Talk about Home sweet Home. (reference my about me page) It was simply beautiful. It took me back several thousands of years. All my Chakras aligned perfectly, if you have ever had this happened, you know its a spiritual experience of importance. The cost of admission was worth every penny to me just to step foot in side this miraculous place. I will be posting all the wonderful photos on my future blogs I will be writing about. It gives me the chills every time I encounter meaningful memories of Egypt and my past lives. I look forward to actually going there one day in this life. Most recently a very spiritual friend of mine recently gave me a Nefertiti head statue framed with my name on it. It was awesome, probably one of the top 3 gifts I have received in my life.!


Moon Mother

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