Family of Light

My visit from Mother Pleiadian

Once upon a time Mother Pleiadian came to me, she wanted me to speak to one her baby Adult here of course. Since she is the mother from the other side and I know her from before. She comes in visually as a large Orb, she is one of guides. She gave me a very detailed message. I delivered it of course. There is no way I couldnt of known what she told me. It was so cool. My friend had a recital and I really wanted to go, yet I was told last minute and already had plans. My BF was late and the entire time I was thinking, See I knew I could of gone. I think because I had good intentions and because I was thinking all this she showed up, to tell me I hear your thoughts-tell my baby this. SO I did. My friend later told me she was there. That is one of the coolest things that has ever happen. I wish everyday were like that.

Im writing about this because it was such an amazing experience. I got the message to go outside, so I did. And this is the only time when I could look into the other world, seriously ! it was the most amazing thing ever the sky changed colors and it looked like I was looking into a whole other galaxy. Space ships and everything. Ive been waiting for it to happen again, yet nothing. Maybe one day. I see all my guides floating around. Its kind of funny, sometimes there are so many angels, spirits, and guides-it looks crowded.

My friend D. got all I excited one time when I had a mediation at my house and I called my friends from the other side. And there were hundreds of Angels in the house. HE was all shocked, the look on his face was priceless. Kind of fun. See its about the small things, isnt?. IF you are in the God family you certainly can understand how fun and funny this is. Who else can you share it with??

Another time, my girlfriend, her children and I were at Disneyland. We were at that dance party at Mad hatter with the crazy music, lights, action, etc. And BAM, out of no where we see all these blue spaceships flying around, with our eyes open. It was so crazy we all saw them, We were taking photos like crazy “fans” . Then they started playing that song “Starships”. HEllo that was no accident.

Usually I have so many visitors, sometimes its hard to tell who’s ALL here…lol

Keep on journey, its worth it. Who cares if they don’t get it, their missing out.

Moon Mother

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