Connecting to Source For the purest information

I find connecting to “Source” is when I obtain my purest form of information, clarity, guidance and sense of connection. Which comes in many forms: through meditation, instant downloads, dreams, visions, feelings, a sense of knowing, hearing words from guides, remembering past conversations that relate to the current situation, writing, or using tools to access more information etc.

Most of the time I do not feel “ALONE” because I do this. This has been the greatest gift to myself. Often it is my guides or the universe having me share my energy with groups, causes, etc. Furthermore the more I do this, the more “free” I am from others opinions and influence from my life. Pure knowledge is key.
Who better to guide you than “source”? I do believe the key in life is to guide thyself. Theres nothing wrong with learning from others if in fact there is something to learn, sometimes they are there to learn from you. You will have to decide what the case is with each situation. Life is give and take; yet we all need to have a balance.
We all have different levels of energy and you can choose how to use that energy in life. Just depending on how old (so to speak) your soul is and how much you’ve worked on getting that vibration up to creating and manifesting. Just yesterday I visited the dog shelter to attract others to go adopt them; as I am allergic to dog hair, sadly. Thats what your energy can do for a cause once you elevate it to the higher levels.
I find in today’s age many people walk around with their pretend mask on; pretending to be who others want them to be rather than “just being”. If you do this ever, just ask yourself are you living for you or others? Other peoples opinion, of their often screwed perspectives doesn’t really matter anyway. As they do not seek your approval to live…do they. Only you can decide what is a priority in your life.
At the end of day you can obtain any advice or feedback from others yet you must decide what is ultimately best for your life. So seeking out who you want to learn from and what you are interested in is what you must do to be happy and successful in anything you want to accomplish.

D. Nefertiti

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Is the Food your Eating Toxic? Find out here…

Dear Friends and Followers

I learned some valuable life saving health tips; that help me lose weight, cut the cancerous ingredients out of my diet and got me to reduce my size by 10.8% in a short period of time. So please read and implement; as it will be the best 7 minutes you have spent on future self.

Vegetables that are grown that are not organic are sprayed with toxic pesticides to keep the bugs off them. Even if you clean them, there is no way to remove the toxins once soaked in. Unfortunately there is no way for these chemicals not to pass into the vegetables themselves, as you know already. Which make the vegetables toxic, which one consumes. This is legal in the USA but not in EUROPE. So don’t rely on the FDA to watch what you EAT!

Recently a study was conducted of a family of 4 who ate nonorganic foods. The youngest son was only a year and 1/2. All their poison levels were off the charts. Can you believe that, even the  18 month year old? They then switched out all their food. After 2 weeks of eating ONLY organic foods the poisons had disappeared almost completely.

I know this takes some effort to Eat and Buy organic, to read labels, to ask how locations how make they make their food and to choose wisely but in the long term our human bodies cannot sustain these foreign substances. Also with more of us asking for these items…thats how we will get restaurants to use better ingredients.

Such as:

1. Genetically Modified ingredients: Corn, Wheat, Margarine; other..

2.  Lean towards raw cheeses ot those with enzymes.

3. NoN organic Vegetables or meats-

4. Boxed foods with too many created ingredients; foreign to our digestive track

5. Fried foods w/hydrogenated oils

6. Cooking w/the wrong oils that change the molecular structures.

7. Watch the fast foods, check who delivers real ingredients like #Panera

8. Watch can foods that have fake ingredients; you’ll know them; if you cant pronounce them.

9. Yes eating organic may cost you 25% more now; but eating poison will cost you your life in the long run. Toxins, additives and chemicals are causes of cancer.

10. Buy organic chicken or meat; as the others may have extra hormones or feed unnatural things which you too are consuming.

Even if you have to eat less to buy Organic, its so worth it. Personally I have lost 13 lbs!  and reduced my body mass by 10.8% in just 10 months; by just switching to All Organics.  I’m just a few pounds off from my college weight by eating CLEAN; 15 years later!! Keep in mind our metabolism slows down every 7 years,  So to me that is Real proof that our bodies need natural foods & cannot effectively metabolize,  digest or break down what I call– the Fake foods.

I also recommend things like:

  1. A naturally made daily vitamin
  2. A 30 billion probiotic for it to be effectiv in the gut. Buy the refrigerated kind; its the most effective. This is the good bacteria for the gut, take it daily, it can be found at Sprouts.
  3.  Digestive enzymes for those with a sensitive stomach.

Avoid sodas because they eat up the good bacteria, avoid diet sodas because the additives are bad, watch your yeast (breads/pastas/dough etc) in take because it throws everything off balance. Have coffee in moderation; I suggest doing the #Nespresso espresso because its lower in acidity or other blend low in acidity. Especially for those trying to keep their PH in balance. Women have to watch this more than men because our hormone levels fluctuate through out the month as you know.

xoxo, D. Nefertiti B.A

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The don’t eat Food list below:

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Why Energy Matters….!!

We are all energy. Your energy can vary from zero to 1000. People like Buddha, Adam& Eve, Jesus, all sit at 1000. And those at the highest numbers are whom can effect the most change in the form of energy and thought. Also the higher you go, it also means the more souls that are attracted to being in your presence as well. And/or the Universe will send so that you can give them some of your peace. Those in tune with their spirituality will know who resonates with them. That is why its important to be at peace the higher up you go. And as you do, being alone wont bother you at all.

Are you curious where you stand? Come see me for a private session so me can tap this side of you.

Newer souls may have lower numbers but their optimism of the world will be refreshing. The older souls will be at a higher number. They will also have lots of hidden wisdom, along with their soul age and gifts. The older the soul (from existence) the higher the potential to achieve that 1000. So a soul who is 1000 yrs is a young soul compared to a soul that is a few million years old+. It is work yet it can happen. Also with soul age, the more intuitive gifts you are given. As you’ve had them all before. Its more just pulling them out of your tool box, one by one they come as you are ready for them. Its just a natural thing as you move up. (video, audio, sensing, seeing, & knowing, etc.)

At the higher ranges you can manifest, create , channel answers, and achieve what you need rather quickly. You also realize that the sole importance of life is not monetary but peace. Also other realizations will be preserving the planet, the animals and your soul. People will trust you more because they will know your true intentions are genuine and that they come from the love from the divine. It will be a much different in person experience than a lower vibration as sometimes their motives are solely for themselves.

I do believe we all have soul lessons that we must carry out that come to us in some form here on earth. So if someone is unjust to you; you may just have to speak up or you will repeat it. Isn’t it better to get the lesson the first time? I know sometimes its easier to say no thank you but some lessons do reoccur until we learn, the other person learns and then its done. But you will just have to see for yourself.

So Meditate, be peaceful and raise your vibration by peaceful practices(life, meditation, doing spiritual things, cutting negativity), so you can achieve the inner peace and bring what you need with flow and ease with out much mental struggle. Forgive, let go of anger and learn from everything that comes your way.
Even as the oldest soul on the planet, Im amazed about how much I can still learn and relearn from others because I am open to that.

D. Nefertiti

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When Spirit wants you to know something, you are going to get the message one way or another.

I believe if spirit wants you to know something you are going to get the message one way or another. I feel this is the case for those who actively practice their intuitive skills or who work in the industry.
Most recently, I had a friend come to my mind, actually a few times with in the week, yet I wasn’t sure why. We had become distant in the last year. I saw her last at the begging of the new year. As she was busy with her kids, her life and I was busy with mine.
Well last month I was teaching my ‘You too can be Psychic course” and I had received a phone call from her friend inquiring about my class. He had asked me if I knew her. I only knew 2 people by her name yet she was the only one that shorten her name. Well I said so and so from this location and he said yes, her.  Apparently they were close friends who spoke everyday. He had informed me that she had recently died. I just couldn’t believe it. It just shows you that we can get busy with life and some one we know can be battling something we never imagined. She died of breast cancer and as I write this, can you believe the Price is Right is on and the show is all about breast cancer survivors. wow! If that isn’t the universe, listening what is??
In this moment I realized exactly why I had the memories of her and her children, and that is why they kept coming to me. It was because she had crossed and she was trying to tell me to reach out to her, so I could find this out. And I write this my angel/spirit tapped the window.

And when Im too busy with life, I receive many messages in meditation and in the dream state. I am very grateful for this guidance.

D. Nefertiti

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Loving the things you Hate..

Have you ever asked your higher self why you really hate something?

Chances are the root cause is not from the current issue but from something in your past. Such as childhood trauma or a past life. I learned this in a Psychology class I taught for a local church some years back.

So thank the person who “triggered it for you” yet its truly not ‘their’ fault. They’ve uncovered your pain, weakness or shadow side. You can fix the thoughts of your mind. Most of the negative thoughts you’ve probably made up yourself, assumed or let someone else tell you because you asked for their opinion. Which could of been wrong and a bit negative where it didn’t help you.
So now that you are aware of this pain, what are you going to do about it? Chances are you don’t know how to address it. Thats why hypnosis and NLP are powerful mind methods to overcome your internal hidden fears. I know Ive used many of these techniques on myself in the last 12 years. Lets just say you dont overcome death, divorce and other life issues on your own; most of the time.

So give it a try. Feel free to contact me if you’d  like to schedule a private session. Trust me it will be worth your investment. Ive taken over 10 training courses throughout the USA, and I learned a lot on the way. I first started because figuring out intelligence and emotional intelligence was just intriguing to me. Yet Im a thinker, so I like those type of things.

Let go of your internal dialogue of fear, hate or whatever else that makes you less than the divine creation God made you to be.
I personally created the Queen Nefertiti brand as a tribute to all our past lives, journeys and all the obstacles we as people, have overcome through time; yet in reality we are much older than just a few thousand years old. Yet I knew most people have lived in Egypt at some point in their existence that they could relate on a higher conscious field. The times of Egypt were not fun, in fact they were very harsh, no matter who you were. Lets just say, its good to be in much better times.

Let go of your past, live in the present.

We create the future, the future doesn’t create us.


D. Nefertiti

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It comes in many forms. Sadly I have to say that in my life time, I have experienced this more than I would of ever liked too, in many different ways. From race, to being a woman, to not fitting someones mental ideal, to being over qualified; I have experienced this. Yet I know at least in the Business world smart men or women see beyond race and hire people just like me; who are intelligent and can truly changed their business FOREVER. Usually people get caught up in power, money or their negative internal dialogue that they can’t see new opportunities at their door. I know the people who reject me for racist reasons are really in a fight with themselves.

Like many, I have had many doors shut, for the dumbest reasons; usually out of another persons ego. I don’t get mad anymore, I just go work for the COMPETITION, my success will be my LEGACY. I know God didn’t send me here to just sit in the sidelines and I know those who are truly connected to the divine will know that. When I worked for Wal-Mart years ago Pepsi recruited me, when I worked for Pepsi, Frito-Lay recruited me and when I worked in the Education sector, thats how I was able to help one University and others in just a few years. So even though this may not apply in all fields; I know the possibly of doing great things exists.

For all my Angels out there looking to make a difference in the world, I always encourage every man or woman to choose a field where you can make a difference in; whatever that is for you. Science, Environmental, Green Peace, related to the planet, Forest, Medical; there are many fields that still need YOUR help; which will you choose? Life isn’t always about money, yes we need it to live. It is about purpose. I know some professional areas seem to be more impacted than others, so do your research for what field makes sense for you.

Also I have never regretted all the Education I have learned, taken and paid for. Because you see I have earned that education and NO one, can take that from me.

I recently went to the Dalai Lama events in Socal and saw over 150 protestors at UCI. Who protests peace and compassion? Obviously they have another religious agenda, that was clear. One asian woman bowed and gave me her protest brochure, I obviously didn’t take it and shared a message with her. Like many she is just blindly following her religion without fully thinking it through herself. You have a voice, use it for GOOD!!

I also recently heard that some people sued UCI to have the American Flag on the UCI campus removed, all I have to say to those people is, if you don’t like it you should find another country to live in because that Flag represents this country whether you like it or not.  We can’t go to England, China, India , Iran or any other country and tell them to take down their flag, can we??

And may I add its not our job to tell people who to love even if we don’t understand it. So we should have compassion towards them and the Oregon couple who lost everything because their personal business didn’t make a cake for a gay couple.

Your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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In a psychology class I once took long ago I learned something called projection. This is when a person projects their problem out into the world and pin points their issue to be the fault of a specific person. Usually it is people who are supporting the person in a friendship, family, or someone they look up to or a person who shows up in their life by chance. Done unconsciously yet acted out in the physical with their words or behavior.
I know in some form everyone has experienced this on some level. I know I have. Sometimes people will take things out on me from past lives or the current life in passing; which I may have recollection of or not. And sometimes it has to do with this life and where they are at in their current life. I know it has nothing to do with me really. And everything to do with themselves. As I didn’t create the problem, and in reality I am not the source of their problem. Yet it is something they need to work on from the inside. Its sort of the same situation when you deliver a hard message to someone and they get upset with you. Where you incidentally trigger something on their inside. If theres truth to it, work on it. If not, release it. It doesn’t make the sender a bad person, it just means they are struggling with something that you may or may have not considered.
Like everyone else, I have a few people spouting their truths about knowing me with inaccurate perceptions; yet I know myself well enough to say YEP—thats me. Or nope, your dead wrong. Some people don’t know me that well because they haven’t spent the time to get to know me. I think its a sad reality that many people experience this sort of thing; yet not many talk about it. Especially with todays technology we get a little lazy with human interaction.
What I find is; your either really attractive to people you want to learn from or be like. If not; you wouldn’t bother. Its great when we can connect with your higher selves and say you know, X is a good guy, he can be a little rough at times, yet his heart and intentions are good. And when you are in tune. You will know that. You don’t have to go making them the bad guy because they are awesome at something. Certainly we’ve all goofed in some form. And when someone goofs, I try to think when was I like that in this life, even if it was from 15 years ago, then you can understand where they are emotionally and where they are trying to grow. And just have empathy for their current personal struggle.
Sometimes if you entertain a lot of negative chatter, that becomes your story. So try to keep it positive because life isn’t always cheesecake. Be kind because what comes around goes around.

Your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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The Truth of 9-11-01

God has lots of Angels on earth to help level out the darkness, lower vibrations of fear, control and things of this nature. Everything from everyday pets to Humans and many species from other planets have in carted to help this planet from total destruction and destroying it. Like using up all the resources, certainly another flood can be an option for our creator; yet if we can bring consciousness forward that is  a better solution. And we all won’t have to start over, on this planet anyways. Its move forward in many ways and gone reverse in some.

I dont think this theory about 9-11 is a new one, as thats how the Catholic Church came about, for control of the people. I cannot confirm if this is true or not, you must decide for yourself. Yet I truly believe NOT!!

Unfortunately for governments; the population is too big now and many people aren’t buying what the churches are selling, everyone has different opinions, views and up bringings and many people are questioning the entire premise of damning their neighbor to HELL when God created us all. How does that make any sense?

The truth is, is you don’t need a government or other entities to choose your healthcare, make your choices, take away your freedoms, manage the internet or to take care of you. You already know how to do that yourself.

Believe in freedom, loving they neighbor and living in peace because that is our true nature.

9-11 was unfortunate, it was not our government and I believe it had nothing to do with insurance. Yet Im sure the book may reveal some interesting things and maybe a fun read. This is my perspective. Sometimes God puts you in the right place, at the right time, to get the information you need. Lets just say a few months back I was in Washington and I actually met someone who had an inside scoop that it was terrorist related, there were warnings, yet they weren’t taken as seriously as they could of been. Live and learn. And I believe this is why I was sent to that area to get information on this. As I had asked for clarity. Amazing really.

your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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One Soul, One Body!!

Last week I dealt with a person who was told that another entity may attempt to take over her body; by a person in the profession, sometimes logic is the answer to such lies. As light workers you are Gods hands and should seek not to create such things on this plane. Fear and control are unnecessary.

You have one soul and that soul is assigned to only one body. At night you may travel or do what you will. Yet you are not living in multiple worlds physically. You may experience the other dimension, yet you are still in human form, as “I am”.

God can and he does because he is behind the scenes; yet we can can not, that is part of the deal when you come to earth. The same goes for me. Some people like to say I am elsewhere, but I am not, I am here with you. What better gift than in form.…human form, bringing consciousness forward with divine, loving energy.
We are all releasing, growing and bringing our gifts forward into this world and this dimension. It is truly beautiful when I can scan someones body with my hands and know whats wrong. Or when Im given someone future. Its fun and nice that we have those innate abilities and we allow them to flow through to share with others.
If you want to create something for your future do it when your BALANCED and HAPPY not when your upset or angry.
The goal in life is to listen to your internal guidance and your personal guides (-who will demonstrate NO EGO); and guide yourself. No need to diminish your own self worth or make others Godlike. It is my hope that you learn from me, in the ways I offer you, grow and move into your own future; that is the goal.
A quick note on agreements: although we make agreements, we change and alter our path as we come here. Lets face it, life and ideals are harder in human form as we encounter feelings. We have free will. No one to blame for personal choices, other than self. So if you if you do not like a choice, re decide.

It would be nice if people honored their sacred agreements, but welcome to planet earth, where anything can happen when EGO and MONEY$$ gets in they way.

Spiritual Guides are there to help, not brag, boast or anything else.

Respect Life, Respect the Earth.

Your Queen,

D. Nefertiti

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Angel Numbers part 2

I think spirit definitely has a sense of humor. I was doing a past life regression last week and while under the person told me to look out for the number 7. I sort of laughed, was puzzled by that, but thought okay.

Then the very next day, I thought what the heck did that mean and just let it go. Anyhow, I was looking for new offices closer to the freeway and the building had a number 7, so I thought what the heck, maybe thats what she meant. Ill take a look.
I did, it was fine. The owner owns 2 buildings, this one was to the right, of the 1st building. I thought, its okay, it will do the job. I checked my navigation and this building was exactly 7 miles from the area I live in. I thought, wow, now thats interesting. As I drove up on the other side of the street a car was parked and the the license plate was “7 works”. I saw this, and was taken back.
On our way to the Vortex many people were greeting us that we started counting after the 2nd one. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.10 and 11. We were so excited. I said wow, people are more clear and the energy is good here. And the 12th person had a shirt that said “Hi”. My husband said do we count that one, I said of course. Thats how spirit works, they make their point, so you cant miss it.

So at the end of the week my husband and I went to Sedona by plane, which its an amazing spiritual place to visit. The people were so nice and it was extremely peaceful, so many spiritual people out there, it was a breath of fresh air.
Many things went wrong, but spirit really took care of us. So I completely acknowledge that.We arrived at 11pm to Sedona, our prepaid condo was sold because they thought we were going to be a no show. I kept getting the message to call, so I did and they informed me our room was gone, they directed us to another location 30 minutes away so we could have a room for the night. In the end it all worked out and they said they’d refund our money in the future. A

Anyhow, on day 3 we drove back to return the car, and I joked with my husband that we have to drive home, then I saw the delay notice in my email. I kept telling him we needed to get to a coffee shop to charge my phone, well we never went and went to the airport early. On the tram from the car rental, I got the notice that our flight was canceled due to bad weather back east.
Right then I realized I had all ready received the information I was just not accepting it. There were no flights available and no solutions were offered. My husband insisted that we drive home.We finally found another car and headed home close to midnight.
On the way home I drove by an Indian casino at 3 am or so, the 7’s were flashing on the laser billboard. I told my husband we were suppose to stop, I told him to go back, he wouldnt. He didn’t listen and a minute later it rained so hard we couldn’t see. I kept telling him to go back. We had to drive 20 mph on the freeway, a sign from above, you think?
Anyhow, throughout my trip they used the number ‘7’ for me to notice “certain messages” that stated I am to quit my corporate client altogether and serve this community. So many messages I was honestly surprised, thats why they sent me to Sedona.

Okay so my intuitive analysis is just to say, Angels can communicate multiple ways. And for those coming here looking for numbers as the solution to there problems, well there is no Angel bible as you know already. And a number can have many meanings to many different people. Teach yourself many things so you are not limited. Channel, meditate, and have many teachers, this is necessary. Many of us have different gifts, so no need to spend enormous amounts of cash;  learning, there are many reputable, local spiritual centers with great people offering group classes. Now if your looking for one to one sessions. Do your homework.

xoxo, in love,

D. Nefertiti
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