Readings And Sharing Information

General Rule of thumb,

If you share private info with your friends or get channeled information, IE discerned info from the other side/Heaven. Do not share it with your husband, family or friends. Its no ones business but the person who’s asking for it. Ive done hundreds of private readings. Its so wrong on many levels. Also it can make for a very ODD future encounter. And trust me when you least expect it, it will happen. “Do unto others, as you wish they do unto you!!”

Ive had friends share my private info that I confided in them with their friends, husband, family or what not and I could read what the person they told was thinking the moment I met them, not so fun. Sometimes this is unfortunate as the information is lost in translation, they do not know the entire story, or what I shared happened about things that occurred years ago. Its unfortunate, really. Most were private conversations. So this applies to both personal information shared and paid/nonpaid readings.

I’m very direct, I like to be honest, my soul is very old. So these earthly issues are just things we ALL must learn from. Sometimes I feel like saying..hey that story was from 10+ years ago. There’s nothing worst when someone feels sorry for you, about something that happened to you, from long ago. I’m very open, if people ask me about something, I do not mind telling them truth, so they can learn from what I had to go through. In this case it was in regards to going through my divorce. Which I have no problem talking about. If you or anyone can learn from it. Yet the story should come from me, don’t you think… When that is the case, the account of the story is totally accurate. Like they say get it straight from the horses mouth, lol.

I think its okay to share information totally anonymously for CHANNNELED Heavenly Messages; if you do not use names and you know the other person will never know who you are talking about if you have a message you need to give them indirectly because they are the type of person who will never listen to your advice. Do not do this for your personal opinion or to be critical of another, people can feel and see through BULL shit. If you can not be honest with your friends, then that’s not much of a friendship. Also its their life, let them do as they please. I’m only referencing Angel/Light messages.

Example: say the message for your friend is “you need to relax & find balance”

Here’s the story: I had a friend who would work themselves to death, he was a manager and worked 60 hours a week and one day they finally went on vacation. At the end of the vacation he was getting back on the plane from Florida and he came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to work anymore, he felt like he was overwhelmed and he needed to retire. After 6 months off, he realized he just needed some needed R & R. He finally had some time to reflect on his life and he had realized what he had been missing; BALANCE. So balance is important in life. That’s what he figured out.

Respect everyone, what comes around does go around. Treat thy neighbor as you would treat yourself.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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