Advise from others

Attention Ladies,

This is one post you need to read.

Ive had several people give me unsolicited advice about on my relationship or work. Most were beginners when it came to using their intuition, so I call it their uneducated opinion. Beware of anyone giving you advice on a subject you didnt ask about. Of course it was all lies, so beware of those who may have a motive with you. I have heard of psychics doing this to people, which is personally reckless of them and dangerous for anyone to hand your future to someone outside of you and GOD. They have no control over you. Use logic and facts to determine if what they say has any truth to it. You are the pilot of your life and journey. We manifest what we believe.

I had a girlfriend once make up blatant crap,  she went as far as to say GOD told her. We were close friends at the time and I had no reason to think she was trying to compromise me intitailly. Then by the 2nd or 3rd time, I realized she had an agenda of her own. One day I called her out on her advice. She just couldn’t handle it when I confronted her on it.

Unless you hear a warning from GOD or an Angel; I would disregard it. All the answers are with in us. Its always good to catch people off guard and call them on their BS, someone has to teach them a lesson for their destructiveness. I can only imagine what their karma will be, maybe they will think twice before doing this to others.

I had another guy tell me I was going to die. I met him at a learning center. I never asked him for this information, again another lie. I was taken back of why anyone would say that to anyone else, even if it were true. God told me directly- You’ll live as long as I want you to live. (granted that Im not wreck less with my life is how I took it, i.e. being responsible.) How about that for an answer. Obviously we all might wonder why someone would say something crazy, yet some people are just “crazy” and weird to begin with. He was a strange man, a bad alien so to speak, none of his cloud of negative items came true. Beware of the people who tell you half truth and half lies, they are dangerous.

Our unconscious mind cant help to entertain some of these earthly thoughts at times. Yet you’ll do not have to let them in, accept them, one must use your logic and intuition on the subject of advice. if you think if the person has any reason to compromise you; whether it be for money, personal power of you, they want what you have, they are jealous, or whatever. Think long and hard before you take anything they say too seriously.

One time, I had a guy friend give me his unsolicited opinion on a relationship. Little does he know I talk to Jesus and God and I dont need his approval or opinion on whats best for me. My Angels even sent him a dream to confirm this. So buyer beware. I think he would get a little put off because I would never ask his advice on this matter, its because I knew better. Pay attention to your feelings they will CERTAINLY tell you exactly what the real truth is. If internally you feel their trying to pull a fast one, then that is all it is. Also take the persons character into account. If you do not trust them, then you shouldnt be asking for advice or accepting it from them.
Also your present and future life doesn’t depend on a reading, it depends on you, sometimes we can see your intentions, therefore you can change course and you don’t have to pay us a ton of money for me to advise you as such. I may recommend you do A,B, or C. Yet ultimately your in the drivers seat. Im never a pushy salesperson, I have never been and that is why Im successful. I feel people know what they need when they hear it.


D. Nefertiti

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