Spiritual Gifts

Clearing a house.

My Angels told me to clear my friends house for her, my friend was never available, I finally said do you want to sell your house? I had to say this because she was a little skeptical and letting life distract her. My angels kept telling to clear the house, so I finally pinned her down wanting to do her the favor for the times in life she had helped me.

She is part of the family of light, an Angel sister who needed to sell her house, it had been on the market for a long agonizing 10 months. Both parties wanted to sell it and sell it fast.

Anyhow I went to her home, I did some hypnosis and NLp on her to help clear the relationship from her body and mind. I then cleared the home. I didnt protect my energy before clearing the 1900 sq ft. house. Its important to do this to block the emotions of the home, so you don’t absorb them. The energy was stagnant and kind of negative.

I’m sure everyone who walked in felt the disappointment of the relationship of the owners. Often one may discount the unseen and the unknown, yet you shouldn’t. If you can feel something then its likely someone else can too. I went home directly after and threw up. I had to meditate, shower and clear myself to shake all the emotions, if felt horrible. So protect your energy especially if you are an empath. Anyhow after sitting on the market for 10 months, after I cleared the house it sold 10 days later.


D. Nefertiti; Copyright, all rights reserved.

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