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Giving without Expectation

Yesterday I spent part of the day just going through all my clothes and excess shoes; so I can donate anything I haven’t used recently to the Cancer society. In the area I live they have made it real convenient for anyone to donate, at any time. No longer do you have to wait for the trucks to come pick up your items. I suggest doing this and/or donating your larger items to the Salvation army if you have any, that organization seems to be very credible.

One day a week before Christmas I was led to a store somewhat out of my area. I was led to this man who had no money for food, he was poor and his clothes looked worn. When I drove up I didn’t know why I was there, yet clearly the Angels told me to go there. I walked into the store and walked out. He said he had prayed earlier to God. Which was amazing because while walking in the store, I felt urged to put my things down to go speak to him. A few weeks later I was in the same area again and he was still outside the door. He actually did recognize me and greeted me favorably. He looked in much better mental health this time.

You may spend $10 on yourself on something you may not really need or you could go feed a genuine homeless person, they will not forget & either does heaven.

About 8 years ago, I went through a divorce and I let my spouse keep everything we had owned together, internally knowing that God would one day return it all to me-somehow. I also learned a valuable lesson, that my earth family was irreplaceable. They really came through for me in ways I never expected, above and beyond. I had moved to another state to start a new chapter with my now Ex-husband; well things didn’t didnt quite work out as I had planned and I returned after a few short months. I went back to my home state, and I cross the state borders with just my car, clothes and papers. I left everything else to him. I knew him from another life, I wasn’t to marry him and I remember the warnings I received about him when we first started dating, yet I didn’t listen. Listen to your guides especially when it comes to partners.

After I arrived back home, I was interviewing for local jobs. I had this female friend who was in the business world who was advising me through the interviewing process. I came from Education, the usual dress was– business casual. I worked as a Director at the University and out with all the college students, so I rarely needed a suit. Well my female friend insisted that I borrow a business suit from her to make a good impression. As I really didn’t have any and she mentioned how important it was to look professional while interviewing as she was a recruiter. So, I went over to her upscale apartment and she opened the closet and she must of had at least 50 name brand suits, just sitting there. I was kind of amazed, as she told me how much she had spent on her wardrobe. Her and her husband made well into the 6 figures each. I tried a few on and borrowed one and 1 week later returned the suit to her. I didnt get the job but remembered the sentiment. Who would think I would even be in this place, certainly not I.

Well some 5 years later I met a friend who was getting back on her feet after a bankruptcy and she asked to borrow a suit. At the time, I had about 4 real suits. She came over and tried all 4 on and she borrowed a 2 piece gray set I had. I remembered how I felt years back, now being on the other side. I told her she could keep it. She smiled. I totally empathized where she was at and wanted her to feel she had at least 1 suit to go interview, without having to come see me each time. She kept it for several interviews and once she was back to work, she felt she needed to return it.
Now many years later my mother is giving me a suit as a gift. So you see things come full circle, timing of it all, well that is not for us to know. Even if I’m given this info it’s because I am ready for it and its in my highest good to know, like encourage me.

If you are blessed with an abundance of stuff or money– there are many simple things you can do for someone else, like these above. Its easy to have a heart of giving. Your guides will guide you.

There have been other times as well, where I had things that I liked yet I ran across someone who seem to like the item more than me, so I gave the items to them. Try it, sometime. The material things you have here, you will not take with you when you die but what you do for others-you always will.


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Jesus brings back my cat


Tonight I had people from my community over after our monthly home owner meeting. I live up in the hills, in a quiet older community, on the hill, with a view of the mountains and thousands of trees. When I was originally looking for places to live, this was the last place I placed an offer on, of 17 or so and the only one that went through. I must of looked at over 55 homes. My initial feeling walking through the door was “this is it”.

Anyhow, I volunteered to host the party since I have done it many times before and everyone was older and it maybe too much for them to clean, decorate and order food with their health aliments and schedules. Also my place was decorated for Christmas and I knew it would be fun to look at. During our meeting at 8:30pm my angel told me to order the food. We finished our meeting at the clubhouse about 9ish and the food was to be delivered at 9:15pm, and it came just 2 minutes before everyone came over. It took me all day to prepare yet it was worth it. I could tell most of my neighbors really appreciated the effort I went through to make it an experience for them. I had an ahh ha moment at the table when I realized many people do not go out of their way to do nice things for them, so it made me happy that I could serve them in this way; as they were so filled with joy, happiness, laughter and they really liked the decorations, food and company. My angels were present so there was so much joy and peace in my house.

Well, I have a thick wooden door that gets heavy with the rain, that sticks and it was left open because someone probably couldn’t push it close. Well, my black cat decided to slip out when one of my guests came in. Where I live is like living in a forest, so I was slightly worried initially, then I called the Angels to help me. As I really couldn’t leave my house full of guests. The party ended about 10:45pm, at this time, the cat had been out for 2.5 hours. So then my neighbor and I took the flashlight and we were scouting the entire area for at least an hour. There are thousands of trees, corners and hundreds of homes.
So about 12:00am or so I got the message to go back to my street, we were in the lower lot. Then a dove appeared, yet when we looked for it, it wasn’t even there. I knew it was an angel and a sign to go home, I told my neighbor I needed to get back, so as I returned I had the urge to check my enclosed patio before looking around the upper pad again and poof there he was at the door, in the gate, just sitting there looking at me, like he was forced to come home. Its easy to read my cat. Its so unlike this cat, to return, as hes a wild one. Then I got that Jesus followed him like a stalker and got him home. Isn’t that awesome! I was so happy. There are coyotes here so it was imperative that he be found. Truly a gift. I kissed my cat after I brought him in and of course thanked my brother Jesus.


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One day last year I was on this date. It was somewhere in Topanga Canyon in the middle of the forest, where you can eat over looking a trail, trees and the reserve or under the cabana side. Well it would have seemed as the cabana side would of been where anyone would want to be because of the holiday decorations, lights and coverings. There was a wedding going on that day, and that he didn’t know about. My date apologized to me. I knew there was a reason we were going to be seated on the other side. I told him the other seating was just fine. Anyhow as dinner was about to be served I said wouldn’t it be cool if we saw a deer. I must of sensed it as I had never been there before. My date just looked me. I then asked the waitress if they ever saw any animals that came by, she said no. About 5 minutes later a deer and a doe walked right in front, across the stream of water, on the other side, it was totally amazing. I asked the waitress when was the last time she saw the deer she said, “I’ve been here for 8 years, and this is the first time.” Wow what a treat!


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