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The meaning of Christmas

This week I was contemplating which establishment to visit for festive Christmas activities, I always love the spirit of Christmas as it seems as hope travels in the very essence of the air molecules. Well there is a church that is near by that I love to visit since they do such a wonderful production of the birth of Jesus and their Christmas festivities. Well this week The monastery I go to had their annual Christmas event on the same Sunday the church usually does there production. So I was contemplating which event to go to. Anyhow turns out that the church moved all its service to Monday, funny how God’s makes some decisions for us. So we ended up at the monastery. Yes I knew that was Gods design. There was some great messages there for me today. Several of the monks I’ve known for lifetimes. I even got all choked up on a few of the songs, it’s hard to keep a straight face when the Holy Spirit is upon you, speaking to you. Its surreal, its like remembering home for those moments. being closer than you were the minutes before. The vibration came in very strong. I also good feel someone sending my back lung some energy, Probably because I’ve had this annoying cough for weeks now. I knew Jesus was there I could feel him, made me happy.

My best friend and I attended had a great time singing and remembering why Jesus came here to share his light, love and knowledge with the world.On the way home we drove by these horses, each time I have really wanted to pet one. I pulled over to the side of the road, the horse was some 20 feet away from me, I told my friend you can talk to pets in your mind, so I called the horse to me telepathically and it came. He was surprised. We got to pet the wild horse, for the first time, as I’ve been driving by them the last 9 months without stopping. I was so excited.

Im having the family over tomorrow, so its been several days of preparation, I decorated, cooked, cleaned, planned; I’m almost done. So have a Merry Christmas, life is what you make of it. And usually the things that mean the most to us, are the things that resonate with in our heart.

I was listening to the radio and caught these thoughts, of the meaning of the 12 days of Christmas back in the day. FYI

patriarch in a pair tree- Christ in the tree.

6 geese of laying- represents creation

7 -gifts of the holy spirit

8-the altitude

9- the fruits


11- faithful disciples

12- beliefs

The reef-Everlasting life

Candy cane- represents for J-Jesus

Ivy-in the old day people would put up Ivy to get protection from God.

Your soul sister,

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God will never ask you to keep a secret. IE about yourself or what you experience. Didn’t he have the apostles account for the times and history of Jesus?  I feel the creator wants you to live in truth as much as possible, so if you are not comfortable sharing something, then you do not have to. It is up to you. Not your friends or family. If they do not like what you share, they do not have to listen. I do believe we have to use discretion when it comes to others, its not up to us to mention their names or their life details without asking them if you can disclose their private details. Those who you are suppose to speak to, will show up in your life. I can not tell you how this happens to me daily. Sometimes I just get in my car and let the holy spirit lead me somewhere. Its truly amazing, really. Sometimes I can not believe how amazing God, Mother pleiadian, a few of the Et’s and my Angel guides are. They are so beyond cool.

There is no rule why us Angels have to keep, that we are on earth a secret. We are far from the times of the Holocaust. I also think we are in much safer times, especially in America. Our soul is Angelic and so is our DNA, inside a human body, so whats the big deal, really? And besides our soul lives forever, when we die we get our wings back. Not so bad. So do not let other jealous people keep you oppressed, do whatever you want. Whatever feels right when you are by yourself, with no one influencing you, but God. thats my feedback. Be open, share and do it at your pace. Ive had so many people who know I’m an Angel tell me a bunch of bull shit of all the things they would like to see happen to me because they were jealous or afraid I would work in their line of business. Looking back I realize how ridiculous all of it was. As I previously mentioned God told me, he would keep me here as long as he wants. So I hope that settles your fears.

Your soul sister,



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