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Remembering “Love”

If you keep this thought in the front of your mind, in all that you do; You really cant go wrong. As well as treat others as you would like to be treated. Often when I encounter others, I embody this simple principle in my life and it’s really effective.

I have the best neighbors anyone could ask for. They are all mature, retired, open, loving, protective of me and reciprocate the giving I share with them. Which is what anyone would wish for. And what made makes this even more valuable is they have no idea who I am. It is genuine and so beautiful. Last year I was away from my home, I got a message to go home. I had many errands to do still but I know to listen, so I did. I stopped at my home for some 5 minutes. Right then my neighbor showed up and she invited me over for her appetizer party that same night. I would of completely missed it had I not stopped home as I was shopping for the holiday. I stayed home and went over there an hour or so later. I had a good time. I was glad-that I had listened to that little voice–the holy spirit.

Life can be tough at times, even for me. I think I’ve gotten use to rejection at this point. Usually its man’s ego that doesnt let them see the truth of a given situation. I can not wait for people to listen to their inner voice…(the inner spirit if their soul) will they do it, perhaps in time. When one leaves the EGO at the door one maybe surprise how big our creator is and his well thought out plan is for all of us. I tell anyone that will listen, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. That is why we are here to trigger change in humanity. How exciting is that? We are at a pivotal point in evolution and inner growth of humanity. Like they say, this is only a mountain. Greener pastures are to come.

Ive had the pleasure of hanging out with some advanced beings in my area, most are older friends. Which I think they have just come to a place in life and repetitiveness, where they want to know, “What more is there to life…that perhaps I haven’t exposed myself to”. This is when the soul really starts to wake up.

As for those spiritual friends, I look forward to seeing them each time. Which I do not think is an accident. They have been the most accepting and loving towards me through this entire process. Most I have known in various other lives particularly Egypt, the times of Jesus, Roman times or other lives. My male best friend was the brother of a musician in my band in my last life. We are 6 months apart in age. My close female friend Ive known her from Roman times. My brother was my father before, that’s why he has just a hard time listening to me.. ha ha. My sister is an Angel and 1 brother is a light being. Its just amazing how God lined this all up, its just too perfect in some ways. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, IS LISTEN. Im sharing this all with you so you can see how GOD sets everything up. Even where I live now; was predestined and picked out for me, which I will talk about in further detail in the future. It is the humans EGO & our inner fear that interferes with the divineness that God created us all to be.

(above is a pic of the river I went rafting at-where my raft flipped)

Love your sister of the LIGHT


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Going Home

Last night I went home, in fact at 2 am in the morning they were telling me to go to bed already…ha, ha– kind of funny, actually. When I woke up I remember being on a star-ship, seeing our planet, planet earth from a distance and at the same time having a telepathic conversations with other angels on the other side about bringing more love and peace to Earth. . Its quite interesting, I like that they are letting me remember more to share with everyone. Did you know the angels can appear to us in human form-I am told they will make it obvious, very obvious. I cant wait for one to manifest where I know it. I’m asking for them to do this to me soon, as I write this, so exciting!! See life can be even more fun than you ever thought possible.


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Setting a Positive Intention

English: Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamo...

English: Moon view from earth In Belgium

I have to share this story because it is amazing..

In the morning I was speaking to a friend, saying I was going to ask my neighbor for help when we returned, as I was moving a frig with a friend into my place. We had no other help for the day, so I asked my Angels to send me help as we were moving a 380lb frig, which isn’t easy with just 2 people.

Next we went to pick up the frig, and my friend arrived just as we pulled up, which was amazing because she said she wouldn’t be there. We loaded it then left shortly. Later we got back to my place, trying to move the frig into my place. And Literally 3 minutes later the neighbor I was talking about in the morning, comes over to my place to tell me my dome light was on. Granted, I didn’t leave it on! My angels must of did it to, to get them to stop as they walked by-WOW!. The perfect time for me to ask them for help the next day. I don’t know who was more surprised by the timing of everything. My friend or I.


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Do Roses having HEALING POWER?

Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Rose et amour….rosa y amor …

Did you know Roses have healing power.

Personally I always know if someone nears me, needs healing. As my rose bush will produce 1 flower. If you are like me and are blessed with healing energy, putting that energy into a rose, can literally heal them in some way and help a person. If you are a light worker or have healing energy or simply want to share your love in this way, try it. One day I saw my work friend and a mixer, she looked pale. She told me she had cancer. The angels told me to touch her. Th e next week she invited to her goodbye surgery party. I wasn’t going to go. Yet the angels told me she needed me, so I went. As I was leaving I had one rose ready in my garden. They told me to blow in it and take it to her. So I gave that rose to my friend, per direction of my angels , I thought what a crazy idea. My girlfriends and i kept getting this message from the otherside…to give out roses that it would give them healing. So i thought what the heck, I checked back with her and she no longer look sick and she looked amazing and the persons cancer test later turned out to be benign, so you never know. Trust me even I was surprised. I guess you never know until you use your gifts for others. I think Ive been avoiding do this 100% of the time, but I know its TIME!!

Yet when you see it in action…’s totally different. 3 weeks ago my sister had a dozen roses, my guardian angel told me to blow into 1 rose, so I did. I returned 2 weeks later. All the roses were gone, except 1. So I asked my mother what happened to all the roses, she said they all shriveled up and died, except that one. It was alive and beautiful. My angels wanted to remind me that I could do that for people. Now isn’t that awesome„„ My soul sisters and I went to Disneyland last week, we were lead to go see the animals. Most of them were very sad , we went to each one to pick jp on their emotional state and sick in the heart. Truly heartbreaking. All my angels and theirs told us to go around and heal them. So that’s what we did one by one. By the end goats were walking up to us, intuitively they knew thats why we were there, truly amazing. See what Gods love can do. Today my only rose bloomed, I madea promise to the other side that iftheylet me know who needed a rose. That I would send one out each week. Yesterday they informed me of this weeks recipient. More ironically , about 20 years ago, I tattooed a heart with a rose through it. I know the angels were the ones that told me to do that, at the time I wasn’t ready to know what it really meant until the past few years. I allowed dogma and other people to tell me being different wasn’t okay. I shut my gifts down as a child, i only started to reactivated them just a few years ago. Now I know I only have to please God he is really my only boss. May these stories give you hope.


Your Queen,



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