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Bullies in Life

We all have to stand up to the Bullies in life. Some will call themselves family but don’t act like it. Some will be coworkers, others will be pretend friends. Whatever the case is, your life is your choice and you have the right to choose whatever makes you happy. Some people will dismiss your ideas, thoughts, innovations and even “purpose” in life because they don’t have any of there own or they feel they must limit you because its beyond their definition of what should be allowed in their world. Eventually with the laws of the Universe, Karma and life lessons we can only hope they will get what they do.

And most will use manipulative behavior to get you to do what they want. Call you stupid if you don’t agree, try to use your weaknesses against you or threaten to ruin your reputation or make you look bad to all you know. This is the worst kind because they have bad intention and not only will they manipulate you but many to fit for their so called love agenda. And that is pretty darn sad. Most will count on others ignorance of the topic to not see what they do. But if your well read, you’ll know what your up against.
I had very interesting encounter with a “bullie” this week. Well the day after, I was out and spirit had several strangers to give me “positive” messages. After my harsh encounter, I had a few people stop to talk to me and say positive things. One man even returned a 3rd time to tell me “ I was doing a good job.”

See spirit will use others to help us and give us hope when people fail us.
Those who are receptive and open to the Angels around will hear them. For me its telepathic of course, as you will not hear a voice unless you are asleep or in deep meditation. The guiedes can be heard between sleep and awake in the Theta state. Thats my experience.

I receive messages all the time, some messages come in strong and fast. And I am not so bold to take credit for all of them, as I can not possibly know some of the things I get, I know ifs my guides. Out of respect to God, the Angels and other life forms, I must and do give them that credit, as they use me to deliver messages.
I am very in tune with the Universe and what goes on around me. Its very much like tuning into a radio station. The other night i was on the balcony and I could sense the person in the car was suspect. Other times I know whether to take a jacket or do other things before I leave the home. You do have to be in peace to be this receptive.

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When Delivering Intuitive Messages

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer S...

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer Solar System (Photo credit: Icarus Kuwait)

As you know there are many sensitive souls in the Universe, often we will channel information about other people they are not ready for or even willing to accept, do not want to hear or even consider. I personally did psychic readings for a studio for 9 months or so. And Yes I trained for a year prior to it and I suggest everyone go through vigorous training prior to giving readings. I also have taught a spiritual course development that was intertwined with human development for 3 years and took over 60 units in the course of Education/psychology. So, yes giving yourself an education is imperative, whatever way you decide to do it.

The general rule is Never give predictions on death, tragedy or disease. You may want to be careful with divorce as well. I always ask permission to give them the info and try to keep things positive. Give the good with the what needs to be improved. No one wants to hear that crap is coming their way. Keep it truthful, yet not frightening as we have an obligation to disclose TRUTH but not send them running to the closet. I hate when Im feeling a bit ungrounded between 2 worlds, I ask a friend for an opinion and its so obviously untrue. I always try to be true.

Now for friends this is a tough one, one has to remain honest yet still deliver the message. Most of us know that we are here on Earth under contract and we know we have to deliver the message whether they like it or not. Can someone still be a good friend and not be honest with a close friend, probably not.

Anyhow one time I had a girlfriend where I knew her and her boyfriend for over 5 years. They were in a long term relationship where she kept on doing the same behavior and the relationship wasnt going to go anywhere because she kept making the same mistakes of the past. She needed to stop her old behavior.It came from her adolescent years, where she didnt feel loved in the family or previous bad relationships with men that hadnt worked out. It was sad to see, feel, know and experience as a friend. How can a light being..not want to help a person like this…?

When I was around them I would constantly be downloaded with information I didnt want to know. Well Her guardian angel kept coming to me. So after many attempts I finally delivered the message. A part of me really didnt want to get involved yet I knew I had to, and thats why Im on earth, so I went ahead.

As you may guess she didnt want to hear or accept the information her guardian gave me. So she turned around and blamed me. Sometimes if the person is not ready to look in the mirror, self reflect or has a low self esteem they will do this. So I suggest if they are your friends , you may want to deliver the message in person. Ive learned the hard way that many low self esteem women have a hard time self reflecting. They can not detach and see the lesson that is right in front of them.

Anyhow souls like me are just trying to help them STOP them from repeating the same painful lesson of their past. Many do not even realize they are creating the turmoil in their lives.

Also if the person attacks you in ANY way, end the reading. And suggest they go seek professional counseling by a licensed professional as their issues are far more than they are disclosing and are triggering core issues they do not understand. ie fully comprehend. Institutionally people will do this as they will feel they need to protect themselves, to distract from their issue, its a coping mechanism, they will attack you. Try hard not to react. I will admit this is harder with friends than strangers. 🙂

Some times the best thing to do is LOVE them and just let them go.

We are not here to be a crunch; just to guide. In time they will see you loved them so much you told them the TRUTH.


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