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The Human Experience

Recently I went to a Monastery located on much open land, between the hills and mountains this past Sunday. It was serene and beautiful to say the least. The topic just happened to be Avatars, the nun was well prepared her words were eloquent. I knew her from the times of Jesus that was clear.

It was a ways away that I was 15 minutes late, I tried to slip in by sitting in the back. Apparently that wasn’t possible, as my internal light was so bright I knocked the nun and the room into trance. The nun commented on it, she called it an odd elated state that was not normal. As I exited it, I just looked her in the eyes and thanked her for her beautiful words. She said seeing me again felt like “home” to her. I knew she was referencing knowing her from the times of Egypt and JESUS. Which was so nice to hear. I felt her emotion and I remembered her, I got choked up. Amazing how God coordinates all of these reunions. It’s nice to see the rainbow after all my efforts.

After she spoke for an hour, we went to the side room which is called a fire room chat, where everyone can interact and discuss. I loved how my newly found sister of ages ago decided to discuss her experience. I commented as a 3rd person but didnt feel the need to say directly Okay yes its me, she knew though and a few people smirked at me as I spoke. The holy spirit kept coming through, its like a crazy strong energy and the light shooting to the sky. At those times, I just say Okay God, what do you want me to say… ha ha . She even had a moment of silence, for a good minute, where she stopped talking and closed her eyes. As everyone sat down she said so do you guys believe in avatars and gave out a BIG laugh; like it was a joke evening asking. It was funny. And I had a good time and laughed a bit.

Usually the chat would only last for an hour, we were there for about 90 minutes. Many of the things she said she was saying indirectly to me, it was very interesting. She even spoke about Buddha a bit; like the information is so good or unchanging that one can not really refute what is shared. In case you don’t know its called “the way” which is the way to live life on EARTH. Jesus, I and many others all try to teach this way of living on earth. Its simple and God tells you everything you need to know. Days like this is what I live for, some times you just have to get in the car and let the holy spirit drive you…where ever that maybe. You’ll know when it happens as you will end up some where randomly, its like auto pilot for a plane. Most of the time I am not told why I am to go somewhere before hand; I just go, have the experience and enjoy it.

A few days passed, A business contact was trying to reconnect with me for several month. So finally I had a meeting with him, I met him about 5 years ago. Hes been trying to reconnect for a while, turns out he just got back from India. As he said that when we sat down, I knew this wasn’t going to be my typical business meeting. Turns out it was spirit reconnecting me with a brother from a lifetime when I was part of a Royal family in Europe, it was bittersweet as this life he older than me and is at a different place than I. That was Gods way of telling him-“I’m real” look your sister is right here and she has the holy spirit with her. It was beautiful to see him so moved, he even said that the 2 hours didn’t quite seem like enough time.

I love meditating, it brings real peace and I just seem to know what to do thereafter. You know that clarity you want. God has shown me to just let go and know that he has my entire life planned out, so no need to over worry. The same goes for you, so do not side step your life (going the wrong path) with YOUR agenda, let God show you his. Trust me “its better”. Follow their guidance and you will not fail. Our entire life our lessons, so are you ready to learn them now or do you want to keep repeating them over and over until you get it and be warn out at the end. Its not worth it; “surrender your will” and life will be EASY all of the time.

On another note, when I need Jesus; he comes to me or I just call him, usually daily, his Halo is so beautiful, I have never seen an halo like that. It is a radiant energy light all the way around his head. I like seeing him over my bed when I go to bed because I know he’s there even if when we have to be separate. His light is so bright. The other night I felt sick, he popped in and I was fine. I was with my a friend, so it was much needed, as I didn’t want to be slumped over lying on the couch when I was there for a visit.

Have a great week,

Your soul sister from Ancient times,


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Today I went to church, not expecting anything special. As we drove up, I immediately got the message that heaven knew I would be running late and sent the message to the church that I’d be visiting. And the church received the message and would start 15-20 minutes later than expected. I thought, okay did I really get that message.
As received, I walked into the church, (that I rarely visit) about 18 or so minutes late, right at that moment they started the service, It was simply amazing. The pastor gave a fabulous message, I know he had channeled Jesus because thats what I was receiving right then, myself. also the message was definitely for me and many others, I’m sure.

The pastor asked God to fill everyone’s hearts with Joy during the prayer time. I knew I could help so I called in the Angels and asked brother Jesus to show up and they did. I was also sending light to fill the room and to the hearts of everyone. One of my gifts is to share JOY. I was a little caught off guard to see Jesus just a second later. We had our eyes closed, I could feel them all around me, the room was super cold which tells me they are around as well. I then looked up and I could see Jesus’s right in front, at the stage. I was sad that no one else could see him. I know others could feel him for sure. My friend felt really moved, I wiped the tears from my face and said the Angels and Jesus are here. I was so happy to experience heaven on Earth once again.

Monday- I woke up and I just knew what to do, kind of like you get downloaded at night. Anyhow previously I was given a certain task. I was more okay with the instructions than the 1st time they told me, to carry them out, yet sometimes that’s how it is. The first time God or Jesus tells you something you may not particularly had that in mind to do, so you may be resistant to it. Yet after you here it a few times, you just do it, knowing I know my job is to serve you, God. Sometimes are little egos get in the way and we don’t cooperate with instructions too well. If you want to advance spiritually, then they will probably test you with lots of spiritual homework, Lol, glad I just finished and passed the test. Omg! Whew

The new vibration makes things a whole lot easier knowing we are creating peace on earth thats our job, all of us and because as humans we often worry about a consequence that will most likely never happen. Also Our DNAs are different now, that its just easy to just BE , live in bliss and participate in Gods eternal plan.

Moon mother,

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Listening for your Angels or Jesus

Where do I start…

What an amazing day, I just cant get over it. This morning, I woke up, feeling pretty good. I was in awe that I had reconnected with one of the apostles on the weekend and I was pretty excited about it. My amnesia is lifting.

Anyhow, I was in the kitchen and I was channeling to Jesus and the music was on. All of a sudden I started dancing ballet, (note: I do not dance ballet) I had the hand & feet motions/moves & everything, It was like I had regressed to the life where I was actually remembering when I use to dance on stage, I saw it in my mind, also Jesus was talking to me, it was really awesome. My younger friend, a sister angel, does this all the time, I finally understood why she sometimes at the spur of the moment breaks out into dance. I was in awe, what could I say, these regressions are getting even more fun.

Next I was led to do something different today, I did what I needed to at home then my Angels told me to get out, change it up. So I went out to take care of some errands. Usually I dont bother with all the junk coupons I get/ ads that come in the mail, yet today I felt an urge to pick up the coupon booklet. I was just flipping through it, saw this ad and my Angels reminded me to get my oil changed. I thought what the heck, Ill go there later, I called the man and said will you be busy at 3pm, this was the time I saw in my mind that I would be in his area, he said that would be fine. I did some other errands and arrived there at 2:58pm. I looked at him and thought where do I know this man from that I am here, his name was George, as I sat there waiting. I then heard him praying for a second. I thought he must of said a prayer to God and they are letting me hear it. I spoke to him about his business etc, turns out they had just moved to this new location and he needed more business. I gave him some free marketing advice as that what I do for work. We thanked each other and I left.

As I was driving out, I felt compelled to go to this store near by, I didnt even know what I needed, I was being directed to go there. So I just got in the car and went. (last time this happened it was to see a 18th century bible) Then I was listening to the radio while channeling some GOd messages, wanted me to know. At that moment I was right outside of the store, I must of been there in the car in trance for like 30 minutes, just listening . Finally I got out the car and thought why am I here? I went inside looking for the reason. At that moment I saw this older homeless man, I caught his eyes for a second as I walked past. I picked up the basket walked for 30 seconds, I was told to go to the front of the store, at that moment I was in earshot and overheard him tell this women -can you get me some water. I then realized he was the reason I was there. I put down my items, left my basket and went outside.

I usually never carry cash, yet today I had it on me. I gave him $20, I said God wants me to give this to you and it was true. He told me thank you and that may God bless me. Another women gave him money after me. I went back inside, finished my shopping.. As I shopped, I wondered about him, was he okay, i was being pushed to go talk to him again, also if he was still there, I kind of looked outside, he had returned, he was eating a burrito. I felt moved that God sent me to feed this hungry man. I had wondered if he would still be there when I left. I felt I needed to go see him again, speak to him and go touch him. I paid and as I walked out, we spoke for 15 minutes. He then told me he lived in a small rented room, that he had problems with anxiety and depression that he was trying to get over, that he was clean and not on any drugs. He thanked me and said the money I gave him would feed him for the week and that he had been praying to GOD for help. It felt like a dark spirit had been messing with him. I knew he would be fine the next day.

I said, he heard you, today I was sent here for no particular reason. The timing was perfect and he had showed up as I was just there parked in my car. My Angels told me to touch him- so I leaned over and motioned for his hand, he took it and I looked into his eyes. After I left, he left. My High vibrational energy was going to give him balance and healing, possibly drive that negative spirit out. I felt touched that this poor man asked and prayed for help and God sent me right to him, its so amazing, the timing and everything.

You too, can do this for others, even if its just 1 person per week or month. You can feed 1 local hungry person. All you have to do is look into there eyes and you will know if they are telling you the truth. Or donate to a cause that feeds the hungry; like the salvation army. Or pray for their troubled spirit, and touch them with your light.


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What is Hell?

Heaven vs. Here

Today my girlfriend and I had an interesting discussion about heaven, hell and the rapture.

As for the rapture I believe its now. Its how badly people have been treating each other and how we have messed up earth. And all the changes going on. To put it plain and simple.

As for hell I think like the bible states, Hell is consciousness. Its being awake in a body with a mind and being troubled with earthly problems, fears, situations, having to eat, having to work and ESPECIALLY being ABSENT of GOD. For those of us highly intelligent we truly know what this is like when you hit hard times, depression, sadness, anger, fear, resentment. IE what hell really feels like.

I believe the bible has been slightly distorted and changed from the original context. It is my goal to read it one day as it was created in Aramaic. There are many words that when translated just in English to Spanish have different meanings and must be written in certain order to have the same meaning. WHos to know the order and correct words were not used or distorted. With some of the meanings and definitions of what GOD wanted that have been given, I believe this has happened over the last 2000 years, unfortunately. I do believe the content is true and account of the times and we are to learn from Jesus and his prophets. I think sometimes like everything people take things too literal or out of context. They give their own meaning and perhaps change what Jesus intended. Sometimes you have to use your logic with your intuition to know what is true. Thats why God gives us discernment.

Going back to feeling hell here on earth, The emotions are real and we all pray for GOD to please take it away. If youve ever lost a loved one or everything due to hard times perhaps you can comprehend Earthly HELL, and ones state of mind after going through all of it.

Emotionally , mentally and physically it is ALL so difficult. After my divorce I use to say I just want to be happy. And BORING is good. Now imagine having that perspective. Being humbled and satisfied with the simplicities of life. 2 things that are free…Peace and happiness, imagine that?

Anyhow I’m going to be doing some hypnosis sessions on myself and look for further information on these and Ill let you know if I get anything else, while under.

To be continued,

Hells Gates

feel free to comment.

Moon Mother


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God Family Vs. Earth Family

For most of you light workers you will have 2 families. If your like me

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning

youll have Your earth family and your God family.

For many of us we may be born into a family that doesn’t accept spirituality or doesnt see it with clear judgement, so if this is the case for you just know there are 7 billion people on the earth and God and the angels have sent you an extended family to make this path easier. It’s easy to find like minded individuals if you start taking spiritual classes or hang out at places like the dharma center,(Whittier, Ca.) or find friends who live near you..
For me personally it wasn’t an easy road yet it was one I had to take. And as far as im concern it was one i always was going to take. For many years I ignored my gifts.Even as a child I didnt know what was happening. I was brought up in Catholicism and these gifts were never really discussed and in Christianity they do not any address any out of the box questions. Anyhow Jesus has visited me several times throughout this life when I was awake.
Never apologize for waking up to Gods truth for you or apologize for being yourself. People who attempt to change us have problems of their own that they feel you must change YOU to fit in their world. How limiting is that?
Gods family:
Other light workers, Family of light: are brothers and sister in heaven, spiritual people, who have similar interest and/or capabilities. If your walking down this path I highly suggest you have at least one person who can relate to you, otherwise it can be very lonely. The angels have been great with sending me the right people for friends and/or helping me. Make requests, they are happy to help. And your guardian angel is right next to you even if you can not see them, I can always see their essence with my eyes open. So I know I am never alone. When it first happened it startled me, now I just get use to them popping around me.
For those of you wide awake you will be very happy once you connect with your soul sisters and brothers, especially ones you’ve known in other lives. They are sent to me weekly. It makes life more worthwhile. I can spot them a mile awhile.

Moon Mother


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18th century rendition of a guardian angel.

18th century rendition of a guardian angel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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