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Some people worry about time, I do not  and this is why.

This is one of the mysteries in life really. Once you have figured out that everything shows up right when you need it, or when you are ready; and that you need it. One can STOP worrying about time.

In the other dimension of heaven; there is no time, time and space merge together, also they say there time is half ours according to scientific calculations. Heaven or what we Angelics call; it is HOME-some where in space, once you awaken not only will you travel there when you sleep you will remember.  It is a nice reward, after working spiritually hard at arriving at something.

The reason I was led to name my blog the moon and stars because that is where we Angels live in space, past the moon towards Pleiades. And I see myself visiting the moon and stars often. I love mother Pleiadian dearly, she is in charge  of the Planet Pleiades and is my guide, I am lucky. Or some would say it is not luck but a reward after lifetimes of service.

I must say time seems to be going much faster, so set your goals and move forward by friends. Rome was not built in a day.

Love your soul sister,


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Let your light shine..

I love it when the other side inspires me, they remind me that they have always been right next to me always. We are never alone. If you are like me, you can see them around you as you quietly sit in a business meeting or out with friends, wishing the rest of the world would wake up already. I cant wait to see all the amazing things that are to come. How does one explain living in 2 dimensions, you really cant. Spirits being birds, a butterfly appearing and disappearing, things such as this. Angels walking with you as you walk the beach. If you help inspire just 1 person today, you did your job. Going to a business conference today, I so cant wait to see who from the light I will be led to, its really fun to see who Im going to be led to. Of course they will call it chance and I will call it FATE. Have a great day…GO CREATE your future. AND BE ALL YOU CAN BE!! like the army sings. Love you all,


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