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I know a lot of us, know the difference between right and wrong. And its okay to speak up and represent Justice so to speak. For all of us old souls, we are the ones that will probably do these sort of things.

It is to teach younger souls that we do have a standard that was in grained in us on a cellular level from our creator. Situations are always around us where we can demonstrate/share these basic lessons with others, if we so choose.

I do think it is necessary, as younger souls will justify bad earthly behavior. I know things don’t always work out when you show a mirror to someones bad behavior, yet its okay. Your soul will know what to do. It maybe hard for people to see their part in a situation if they are always behaving & feeling like their ways are the only way to an outcome.

No one has to be confrontation and communication in each situation is key, if you can master that. A lesson many of us must learn or adapt to; as this isn’t really taught in the required, core curriculum classes in high school or college.

I know its a learning process, as we all have to learn to detach, not react, or think about things for awhile so any given situation doesn’t get out of hand.

If you want to learn something powerful in any given situation, try to look at it from the other persons point of view. Many people usually react out of fear or past experience; that they do things that are not just. If they considered what was FAIR or what they would expect if it were them in your shoes, then they probably would behave differently.

There will always be people who question you, judge you or whatever and thats just where they are at in life. In reality, it doesn’t really matter because no one can Judge but GOD. Once they realize they can learn something valuable from others thats when the Magic happens for us all.

Personally I want everyone to be successful, happy, have abundance, and have love in the form they choose. Because it is possible… I have it and you can have it too. There is no shortage of these things, God created the Universe and its abundance. And there are many ways to experience abundance than just money. Ask and see how the universe delivers it to you.

For me Abundance has come in so many ways that I cant put a price tag on. From reconnecting with old Angelics, to gifts from spirit, to being able to use the spiritual gifts given to me to help others release their current pain.

Id rather live in a world with meaning than be completely asleep just working for money. Spirit can give you what you seek, deep down, if you are ready for it. Enlightenment is about remembering who you are, why you came and how you can make a difference in the world. No matter how young or old your soul is.

Angel D. Nefertiti

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Abundance Is available to all. And God wants to grant his children with their wishes especially when they come to earth for the good of all.  As we all were promised certain things if we kept our promises to God. Most of them are to help others in some form. So dig deep and ask yourself what did you agree to? If your soul doesn’t remember, then meditate daily to remember or if you like shortcuts find out in a hypnosis session. And if you do remember, are you on track?

Before coming to Earth, we all have made the conscious decision to impact humanity in the highest good of all. Everything not in alignment with our original promises will just create us unnecessary Karma; to teach us about ourselves, show us our selfishness, reflect our EGO or deliver some much needed lessons to grow up.

The goal in life is to learn form every situation as well as how we treat/behave with everyone. From the Queen to the peasant, No one is better, we are just all at different places of evolvement. Have you mastered yourself yet? Because when you do all will come to you…easily and effortlessly. Your heavenly angels want to grant you all that you desire.
I know when I encounter the poor their situation is not who they are it is merely a test to find themselves. As for the mentally ill it is a test for them to admit they have a condition and ask for the help they need. Most mistake the existence of an imaginary satan with their personal fears and bad choices, experiences with the unknown (spirits)  and the detected/undetected condition of those who are mentally ill. In my younger years I know I certainly did, until I realized; that it was the world that conditioned me to believe in these imaginary truths, it was GOD and my angels who showed me otherwise.

The MIND-causes most of the seen suffering in the world because most people dream of everything they FEAR instead of focusing on all the positive they can create. If both are in conflict, nothing is accomplished. Often in NLP & Hypnosis I am lucky enough to change this for my clients as much holds them back mentally, mostly never physically. You have to try it to experience it. I know it made me a believer some years ago.

God prevails in his  divine master plan, that we or may not have privy to. And you can prevail in your life path.

Your Angel mother


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Life is a Highway….

Most recently I was led to meet more monks. Usually I travel to different monasteries, where ever Jesus tell me to go; its all a part of my learnings. This time they were Buddhist and yes Jesus himself pushed me to connect. As you know there really arent any American Buddhism centers out in California. So I feel honored that I connected with the 1 person willing to share it with Americans outside of a monastery.
So I am learning to surrender what I want to do and follow my guidance of the company of heaven, as they have bigger plans for me than what I can see right now. Sometimes you just have to say what the heck and just go with their direction. Usually its to learn something new, expand your earthly awareness, connect with old souls, connect with angelic/ light family or something very meaningful. I love the variety of cultures I have been exposed to the last few years and all the learning. It gives the soul perspective for sure.

If any of you are in the area come visit the center, the monks speak a few times a month. And I really want to commend the owner who is Vietnamese who had a heart enough to feel her calling was to share Buddhism with Americans, that is pure love. I really loved what she said this week; that Buddhism is a way of life more than a religion. I do see it that way as well. The Dharmas talk a lot of how you should treat others and the boundaries one should have as well. Meaning you do not have to accept bad behavior.  In my heart and since a child I have always strongly had this strong sense for Justice. I believe that is what I am known for in heaven as well. Meaning fairness, equality, for all; etc. Since I know first hand that we all have a male twin soul at home, helping us even if you can not see, feel them or hear them yet. They are their trying to help you..always. They love you they are your twin.

On another note, I am remembering more and more of my past lives. Just today my friend and I were on the phone and he was asking me about a certain past life of mine. Then I remembered many things like: what I did, what city I worked in, who I was with in that life, why things didn’t work out with that person back then and that we are a support for each other this life. It was really interesting, its much like accessing a memory from last month. That is exactly what it is like. Yet you remember last year, and I remember last century…or parts of it. I’m guessing the more one meditates all of this just comes, and evolves;  like they say we all walk so the veil will be lifted.
Its nice to know you live forever. I meet people all the time and I can instantly say I knew you. Usually people obsessed with Egypt lived with me in the times of Jesus or centuries before when I was Nefertiti. I feel blessed to have those close friends around me. To know and have friends from thousands of years  ago well its just amazing and the bond is truly forever.

Only read my memoirs if you want to know how AMAZING GOD IS..

Love your mother from ancient times,


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Adventures in life

Tonight I attended a business Christmas event, (Saturday) which I had a great time at. Its kind of funny sometimes because its like having 2 different lives, most people arent spiritually awake so you cant say many things to them because they just arent ready for it. In a business setting, I have learned to wait until they open up to me a little bit, that’s when I feel I can be more open about what I believe and tell them more about who I am and what I know and believe in life. Sometimes their angels are right above me sending me so many messages that I will speak up because I feel its my duty. So I guess it just depends.

Anyhow we were are all sitting in the front room and one of the guests likes to do card tricks, so he decided he was going to card Magic for us. Which was great because Ive never seen that before. As he sat down he started telling a story with the cards, I just laughed because the story was for me, he talked about how in the olden days sires use to perform for the kings and queens. It was his secret way of saying:, hello Im awake and I do know you. I just smiled because I didn’t expect anyone to recognize me at a random business party. It gave me pleasure to know there are more brothers and sisters of the light awake and out there and letting me know they are around. Its great, actually. I was sending him telepathic messages, everything I sent him he responded to, so thats when I realize oh yeah hes awake….

It turns out he is part of our Family of Light; today I got he is a pleiadian early this morning when I was writing and drinking my coconut water. Anyhow he let me shuffle the cards, play along a bit, and place my name on the card. He said, “whew” when it did this one complicated card trick and he thought I might pick the wrong card. I did pick the right card. Then I said, I wanted to pick the card on the right, yet my intuition(ie guides) told me left. It was true too. See how our angels like to have a little fun with us, I also got a few other personal messages from him that just reminded me how great God is and all that he has created and will do for us. Trully amazing.

Today Is Sunday- I did my usual thing and went to a local monastery some 30 miles from me, which is a car ride through the hills and mountains. I like to see which monks come to speak each week, as all their perspectives are interesting, selfless and different which is really fun to listen to. Today’s monk was visiting from Canada, clearly I knew him from a past life.

Unfortunately I woke up later than usual as I was trying to meditate etc and got there later than I had wanted. I got there as soon as I got ready. As I walked into the monastery and to my seat, the monk spoke about the dream I had just had in my trance state, when I woke up.

What was interesting is I had told my friend about my dream before we walked into the monastery and he mentioned it to me right after the monk had said it. In my mind, I was thinking, wow-that is amazing, perhaps I should listen. I took it as he was trying to tell me, yes you were suppose to come here today, even if you were late. Which I really did feel when I woke up this morning and I also had Jesus on my mind. I woke up saying Jesus, I just couldn’t remember if he we were speaking or what as I lost that last part of the memory as I woke up from the trance state. So I hope he will visit soon when I am more awake, its been a few months since Ive seen his physical presence. Yet he connects with my unconscious often.I do not like to misquote messages from others, so Ill leave it at this for now. Anyhow if you are looking for channeled messages or a specific topic, feel free to email me and I will send that to you.

Moon Mother,


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What are Spiritual Experiences Like?

My Daily Spiritual Experiences

Often I channel a lot of information when I am free of worry. So allow yourself peace, rest and even a nap if you really need an answer. Also taking a walk in nature or even mediating usually gives me the answer that I seek. My Angels never fail me, unless I am not to know. Like it isn’t time, that happens as well.

Usually the best time to get clear answers is between sleep and awake. Spirits are great about being around and delivering the messages you need to hear, see or feel. So if you can connect in the morning or before bed…let the information flow to you.

I have seen my Angels in color in this state, my future children and received answered to questions I really was confused about.I can see my Angels 90-95% of the time, their essence floating around. Its pretty cool at least I know I’m not alone anymore. At first it scared me. It happened when I went to Hawaii. Apparently the place is spiritual. So I suggest you go visit a spiritual place near you and pray for this gift.

They also use dreams to deliver messages. Most of the time they are symbolic, so if you have a hard time breaking the code ie figuring out what the dreams meant, send it to me and I’ll tell you.

Every night I have visitors from other planets, they do not scare me because I intuitively know, that I knew most of them before coming here and that is why they visit. One time I had an Andromedean visit, and I asked why are you here, and he said; I didnt want to be the last to come see you. Which was very sweet. Considering my family has no idea how connected I am to the other realm. They would shit their pants if they knew…lol A little Earth humor for you’ll.Especially if your family is not like you.

Yes it is hard to be here some days, when you know you really are from the other side and are just here to carry out Gods purpose. Most of you are still discovering what that is. It can make people like us, very homesick.Because we are use to being next to God & the Angels and now were here on Earth, living this reality. ha ha ha!! In a way it is funny and a joke, because HOME is HEAVEN.

Especially when people who are close to you on Earth, are judgmental, critical, possibly mean and unloving at times. Ive learned to accept that they are not awake, they do not understand, are on a different path and they may not get it, until the day they die. And that’s just how it is. This is when grace comes in. Forgive them for they do not know what they do, like the bible states. And it really applies here.

Love you,


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We Teach others How to treat Us?

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn

Dont we…

Ever wonder why you attract a certain somebody? Well you can be projecting it.

Anyhow, this is one of the lessons that is a tough one. Yet we all teach others how to treat us. Yes you do. If you allow it, it will proceed, if you cut it off at the roots, it will not.

We all must have boundaries with those you love or like…friends and especially family; Earth family, past live connections or God get the picture….?!

Usually people will show you CLEARLY who they are or their agenda with their actions or their words. There actions will show you if they are a true friend or family member. All talk and no action, means absolutely nothing. Do there words match with who they say they are. Do they resemble that of a true friend or family member. Ponder those points. I once had a best friend when I was younger, who would call me every time she needed something, yet when the moment came that I needed her, she was nowhere to be found. Trust your own internal intuition and use your pragmatic mind to judge their actions.

Same goes for words, if their words sound fishy or negative—TRASH it. Especially for people who have motive. Ive had friends go to psychics just to receive bad news, guess what you can change your future. So take any advise with a grain of salt. And know you can change the direction & sail of your course.

Now if you can NOT do this, do not ask others with abilities to give you ANY advice. My mind usually discredits anyone who can not be unbias on a situation. Like give you pro’s, cons & what to do next. They need to answer all the Why, HOw, what, & what if scenarios.

It takes an advance soul to look at the full picture; we do this by tapping into the future & knowing who you are, what your problems are and using the logic to give them all the what if possibilities. If you are gifted, try to keep it positive, light and if you can not use this format & context; you may want to refrain from using your gifts to ADVISE others.

You have the power to help, encourage and lead others, remember this and know the reason GOD gifted you —was to do this. So if you are compromising others there will be an unseen consequence. Hate, fear & manipulation it doesn’t pay to part this onto others.

Moon Mother, Nefertiti

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God Family Vs. Earth Family

For most of you light workers you will have 2 families. If your like me

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning

youll have Your earth family and your God family.

For many of us we may be born into a family that doesn’t accept spirituality or doesnt see it with clear judgement, so if this is the case for you just know there are 7 billion people on the earth and God and the angels have sent you an extended family to make this path easier. It’s easy to find like minded individuals if you start taking spiritual classes or hang out at places like the dharma center,(Whittier, Ca.) or find friends who live near you..
For me personally it wasn’t an easy road yet it was one I had to take. And as far as im concern it was one i always was going to take. For many years I ignored my gifts.Even as a child I didnt know what was happening. I was brought up in Catholicism and these gifts were never really discussed and in Christianity they do not any address any out of the box questions. Anyhow Jesus has visited me several times throughout this life when I was awake.
Never apologize for waking up to Gods truth for you or apologize for being yourself. People who attempt to change us have problems of their own that they feel you must change YOU to fit in their world. How limiting is that?
Gods family:
Other light workers, Family of light: are brothers and sister in heaven, spiritual people, who have similar interest and/or capabilities. If your walking down this path I highly suggest you have at least one person who can relate to you, otherwise it can be very lonely. The angels have been great with sending me the right people for friends and/or helping me. Make requests, they are happy to help. And your guardian angel is right next to you even if you can not see them, I can always see their essence with my eyes open. So I know I am never alone. When it first happened it startled me, now I just get use to them popping around me.
For those of you wide awake you will be very happy once you connect with your soul sisters and brothers, especially ones you’ve known in other lives. They are sent to me weekly. It makes life more worthwhile. I can spot them a mile awhile.

Moon Mother


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18th century rendition of a guardian angel.

18th century rendition of a guardian angel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Is Nasa Communicating with ET’s? Why yes!

I recently watched a report from an employee of NASA informing the public that they have been trying to communicate with Et’s for the last 15 or so years with special devices they have. Apparently they only do them a few times a year.

And originally they calculated that a response would take longer than this lifetime. then one day they received a response back with in 361 days. So they assumed that they are closer than they anticipated. Currently it takes anywhere from 3-360 or so days for a response to those messages sent. They do confirm that those of the Light, in this case ET’s are far more advance than humans and may have answers to many of our problems.

Although we call them Et’s their are really called light beings. The family of light includes Angels, Archangels, Light beings (life from other planets which we call Et’s). just FYI. Those who are here on earth, usually come in with a life purpose and at some point, one is activated , one starts to remember then feels propelled to move forward with whatever God assignment they have.

They have confirmation that the ice caps will shift and other major changes. Which I will add later. The Andromedeans mention that the weather will be more tropical and in the near future we will be able to communicate with them. I’m so excited. I believe this is true they visit me all the time. The communication is telepathic, yet I’m not at a point to translate..with them, specifically, it is different than the Angels.

Source: Nasa employee


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What are Angels and Aliens like? Like this..

Love from the light….

Today I was in church with my bf and when we were siting in silence and in prayer and I covered my eyes. I could see the visitors from the other side, which included a Pleidian, an Andromedean and of course my guardian angels. Usually light beings come in brilliant colors of pink and green. Angels come in as white, and if it’s an Arch angel, they are all light and the energy is very strong. When praying or meditating the angels if they are around you, they will make you feel like you are really cold, it’s quite amazing really.I use to attend a prayer meditation class and medium friends would remark that Archangel Michael and Rapheal would be behind me. Usually for protection. In the day light I can see the angels and in the dark I can usually catch their movement, its just how it is once you become awaken there is no escaping that you are a part of 2 worlds. It is said as the earth’s frequency, vibration and dimension changes that we will be able to see, feel, hear and experience much more. I believe it. I couldnt do any of this 1-2 years ago.

Once my friend told me that the other side had helped her with her singing and my bf’s mom said the same with her playing music. Until today I really didn’t know what they meant. As we started singing , my voice totally changed. I was in tune, sang at a higher pitch and Usually do not sing this good. I was told as I worked on ascension that this could happen; inner natural talents would come out, longer hair and nails. Anyhow, it can happen for you too. All your life times inner gifts. All have happened, I just really didn’t believe it until now. And yes, inner peace.

Imagine… By John Lennon


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